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... I have slightly less energy then normal. Ive never had any real problems except sometimes when I urinate I get a huge cramp in my scrotom area. It fades away in about 30 seconds but that happens rarely. ... (0 replies)
... theres a bit of pain when i touch it sometimes.. but its almost like a huge red pimple now with alittle black and blue. ... (2 replies)
Penis Size
Sep 12, 2005
... hey, i'm 20 and worried bout the size of my penis. I have huge testicles but my penis is barely 5' ..... is it normal? ... (7 replies)

Feb 13, 2002
... a good sharp razor and do it in the hot bathtub or shower when the hair is softest. Just shave them like you would anything else and if you cut the sack it's no huge deal , just wash it and hold some pressure on it and the bleeding will stop quickly. It's really no big deal. ... (5 replies)
Small testicles
Sep 28, 2001
... MK- That figure ,5 3/4" ... is that flaccid or erect length? If that's your penis when soft, you're not suffering from small-balls, rather, huge-dick !!!! Seriously ... have a urologist check out your sperm count/testosterone level ... ease your mind ... (8 replies)
... it was when I was going to have sex but me and my partner decided not to because we didn't have protection. Foreplay was there but no actual intercourse, and my testicles felt huge. This happens after sex as well sometimes, and when I eventually relieved myself they felt as if they were back to their normal size. ... (9 replies)
... any means and they sometimes make mistakes interpreting tests. Often the test results are not as clear cut as it seems. For example, normal testosterone has a huge range from 250 up to 1200 and if you fall in that range you are "normal". ... (14 replies)
... I don't have a huge amount of experience in men, but I am wondering if the style of underwear makes a difference if the "condition" of their testicles is what makes the difference in sex drive. I will admit that in general, the 52 yr old is much healthier and stronger than the 56 yr old. I am just curious. ... (3 replies)
... f to come is a HUGE chore. he is 30yrs old, and this problem he has experienced was happening prior to me. he also told me his penis doesn't get hard like it used to years ago? ... (15 replies)
... (I am posting this here as well as the sexual dysfunction board because this one seems more active and I am absolutely in need of help) I am a 22 year old Man who since puberty has had a very healthy sex drive. I would regularly masturbate anywhere from 1-3 times during any given day but for the past half a year my sex drive has been decreasing and for about three months... (0 replies)
... as he had never heard of anyone doing that before, and he told that it required a huge amount of penile pressure to do so. ... (15 replies)
... ok i get tons of erections and that's great but i have nerve problems or something cause when i used to tuch, i'd get sharp pains all the time. In the testicles or the shaft. ... (9 replies)
... y dull the nerves. Underwear is a biggie, lose is better, Like boxers. Also if you ride a motorcycle or bicycle, that can cause issues. Most people think of the testicles when it comes to underwear, but anything that chafes or steals mosture from the penis as you walk is not good. ... (4 replies)
... only increases your semen and not your sperm. A huge increase was noticed when I used it though. ... (3 replies)
... First, thanks for replying. I wasn't able to find the actual number...the doc never gave the results to me. I believe they could be misleading. The night after I got my blood drawn, I started getting horny which lasted for 4 or 5 days (as usual). So there's a chance that the results only reflect my hormones in horny days. I don't have other symptoms you mentioned. I... (25 replies)
... Have you noticed that your testicles seem soft and perhaps smaller than you remember them? ... (25 replies)
... I heard almost all men have prostate problems at some time, does anyone know how soon is it common to start. I just turned 40 myself, and I might be having some small issues but unsure and wonder if it just goes with being 40. I just had an exam a few years back and things were fine then. What I have noticed is.. Rarely I get a small tightning discomfort at the base... (3 replies)
... I choose to masturbate into a container as I will leave a huge stain or puddle if I don't. I don't know if I should get myself checked by a doctor, or what to do. ... (4 replies)
... and al around health. i have always felt invincible in health matters and have dodge the doctor at any cost. But guys....If you have a problem with your Penis or Testicles do a better job than I did! It turns out I got lucky... because of my stupidity waiting could have been terminal. ... (3 replies)
... Just a question... I used to think my buddy who is way bigger than me (build) had a bigger penis than me b/c of the way it looked under his clothes - ie, boxers, trunks, and even when he had an erection in his pants. I guess I just thought that because there was an evident bulge out in his pants that he had a monster. Well, I now know that he's only about 2 1/2 inches soft,... (4 replies)

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