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... Yes, 'blue balls' is just a feeling of intensely wanting to 'expel' or 'release'... ... (5 replies)
... I was wondering the same thing, however, i believe that i get a much worse case of "blue balls". I have had it in the past only a couple of times. but more recently (since i have started becomeing intimate with my GF) i have started getting it more often, and when it hits, it may hurt very intensely for up to 4 or 5 hours... and then its just the usual discomfort for... (5 replies)
... Yeah, it doesn't have to be a matter of having an erection, or even sexual activity and not ejaculating. Blue balls is just the feeling that happens when your testicals hurt from being so arroused and not ejaculating (usually) although it can happen from just not ejaculating in a really long time. It hurts like hell, but it goes away, either from nocturnal emissions,... (5 replies)

... Nope most men just use it as an excuse to get a girl to do something for them There is no harm in blue balls (5 replies)
... like most men, have experienced it from time to time and have not noticed any problems with it, except for the uncomfortable feeling that lasts a few minutes. Is this condition really harmful? ... (5 replies)
... this is essentially harmless and nothing to worry about. ... (5 replies)
... Elsewhere in the New Testament it says "if your brother is hurt by something you eat, then you are no longer acting out of love" , and to "not let what you eat ruin the person for whom Christ died". ... (5 replies)
... All I can say young man is WOW.. ... (1 replies)
... For at least a few weeks before this started happening I was seeing my lady friend and got pretty bad blue balls pretty consistently but had no problems with an erection since she is very sexy. ... (0 replies)
Blue balls
May 11, 2009
... Have a story for you. First of all Blue Balls refers to scrotal pain after making out without sex. No, you necessarily have an erection. Anyway, I didn't. ... (2 replies)
... Sorry to be so gross but to put it bluntly it really feels like I need to get laid PRETTY BAD and this coming from a guy who used to go at it at least several times a day!. ... (2 replies)
... I'm afraid it differs from person to person, i used to, and still occasionally do, suffer from the dreaded 'blue balls'. When i get it im in a lot of pain where i cant move for a good hour or so. I just need to sit down and drink a cold drink. I know some other guys who got the same, whereas some others didn't. Like i said it differs, but let's not get carried away from... (10 replies)
... I wasn't able to stop completely. I don't think you should try to stop all together, masturbation is a healthy and safe form of sexual release and you really need that. ... (14 replies)
... The cause is usually from alot of stimulated build up, and then NO release. ... (10 replies)
... or that I have an STD. We didnt have sex for about a week while she was on her period, and I hadnt ejaculated in about 6 days, which is very very abnormal for me. ... (1 replies)
... with a GP again, as I think it takes a reference or something to go to a specialist. That shouldn't be too difficult. Going there without my parents' knowledge is no problem at this point, at least. A driver's license is so indescribably liberating. ... (14 replies)
... dude.. you need to go to a doctor for the testicle thing. one hanging loosly and pains you is a very bad thing. This more then anything is probably why you are having ED problems now. Some guys have small testicles some have big some have giant. your just need to get fixed. ... (14 replies)
Anorgasmia pain
Jun 24, 2013
... to counteract some anxiety. I was told that it could have affect on ability to reach orgasm, however I didn't realize just how bad that could be. ... (0 replies)
... say my testicles or mainly one was feeling sore, sore in the way of blue balls...but it wouldnt make sense to be that cuz i wasnt with a girl at all and i masturbated....not the whole teste but just a good sized area... ... (1 replies)
... Stopping masturbation while you're doing it and before you begin to feel an ejaculation coming is OK and no problem. You will most likely have a bad case of painful aching "blue balls" though. Please don't let masturbation cause you guilt or shame. Its safe, pleasureable and really no big deal at all. ... (10 replies)

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