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... We recently started having sex. He never seemed to have problems keeping an erection in the past, during foreplay and oral sex. It seems now that he has trouble keeping it hard, during foreplay. ... (1 replies)
... I got a problem maybe someone can help me with. Im 23 and sometimes have trouble keeping an erection usually during sex not masturbation. ... (6 replies)
... Im 28 years old and im having trouble keeping an erection. ... (2 replies)

... years old and i have been dealing with this issue for a couple years now. i first want to say that it is great to know that im not the only one out there with an issue like this. ... (2 replies)
... I'm a 21 year old male and in the past week or two I have been having trouble maintaining an erection. ... (9 replies)
... I have always been easily able to get an erection. ... (4 replies)
... OK here's what's going on....I have always been well confidant when it came to sex or anything with sex always could get a erection whenever a girl would just flirt with me and could last for hours before getting off.... ... (2 replies)
... Ok so here's my problem. Nearly all of the time I can get an erection but its not as hard as it used to be at all and it only lasts for a few minutes. Normally not long enough to put on a condom. ... (2 replies)
... update: I lost my virginity! on 28th may 2012. HOWEVER, a week before, the same thing happened, we were about to have sex and i couldnt maintain an erection, my confidence was at its lowest point and i felt like cr*p. But then it happened a week later! Basically, I took Dakubeaners advice and bought different condoms. I then used the spare condoms that didnt work... (4 replies)
... Okay so I am 22 years old, I was a virgin until yesterday, and I have no problems at all getting or keeping an erection. Last night while I was doing some forplay with a girl I just met, I could not keep and erection. When I was in her I lost it a few times. ... (1 replies)
... I saw a chiroprator who did tests including an x ray which showed a slight kink in the lower spine which to him indicated a damaged disc or pinched nerve. ... (1 replies)
... i use an elastic ring around my penis root and can so stabilyze my erection over a longer time. it could be in your case, that its only psychical caused. ... (2 replies)
... Sounds psychological. This is very common...a lot of time when you are scared or nervous about something, you'll have difficulty getting or keeping an erection. It sounds like you are able to get erections while masturbating, in which case you're fine. ... (4 replies)
Erection Problem
Oct 5, 2009
... keeping an erection. Any ideas? ... (0 replies)
Erection problems
Mar 21, 2009
... my boyfriend has had problems recently with keeping an erection. he has felt depressed and has had a lot of anxiety problems lately. Could this be the cause and how can we take care of the problem? ... (6 replies)
... her, try to forget that you have a penis. You might even try letting her masturbate you! I'd say forget about being too quick right now and work on getting and keeping an erection. Also, lay off of your masturbation for a bit before time with your girl. ... (3 replies)
... If you are getting and keeping erections during masturbation, but not sex, you are probably having performance anxiety. ... (6 replies)
... men can go flaccid to hard and backa nd forth until ready for insertion. kind of hard to stay rock hard if your kissing and messing around for an hour. ... (1 replies)
... Still, erection does not come as easily as it once did. ... (5 replies)
Sep 7, 2013
... Before going that route, you might try focusing on the erection itself first, which doesn't necessarily mean Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. ... (3 replies)

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