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... I'm with you, it is very hard not to maturbate at all for a month. The longest I have gone by without it was 2.5 weeks, and that was only because I was at the camp. ... (9 replies)
... Yeah I know I'm weird lol. I remember getting hard somehow and then I was rubbing my penis between my legs in bed before falling asleep. I did it only a few times though. ... (9 replies)
... Same thing happened to me when I was your age. Like a dumbass, I was too embarassed to get help. Go see a urologist and have him run tests on you. ... (4 replies)

... hough he can get off during sex, he is rarely in the mood. I, also, have never been with a guy before that hasn't gotten excited to see me naked. It really was hard on my self esteem at first, but now i'm so used to it that it actually really sucks! ... (5 replies)
... So sometime last month, in December, I was masterbating but I must have pressed down on my penis too hard because I got a stinging pain at the bottom near my testicles and up ontop near the head.It hurt pretty bad but went away after a few seconds. ... (0 replies)
... Cud this b caused through too much masterbating and lack of heigine? ... (1 replies)
... Ive never actually had a problem getting hard and masterbating on my own but thats also with all kinds of visual stimulation and physical stimulation. ... (1 replies)
Hit a road block
Apr 13, 2005
... Would becoming hard without touching it first and then begin stroking help? ... (5 replies)
... Every men like masterbating ... fair enough ... but too much masterbation would also lead to "not as good" sex with your partner. ... (20 replies)
... fter she was on top of me, i realized i wasn't hard. I thought it was just nerves, because i have always been severaly attracted and arroused by her, so i wasn't too worried. but, after a full week of foreplay, including giving and recieved oral, i still couldn't get hard long enough to put a condom on. ... (4 replies)
... olored bumps on my hands. Two on my left, one on my right. When squeezed, clear fluid came out. I went to my GP, because I thought they were Warts. He thought so too at first, but then said they were Molluscum Contagious. ... (49 replies)
... I don't know if there is a cure for p.e. or not as far as the meds go? Well I hope this is not T.M.I ? You guys must have an overly sensitive penis (obvioulsy) here is some things you might try...they may or maynot work.? When your having intercourse try to relax a bit more and have boo coos of forplay...get her so aroused that she almost rapes you because she wants... (4 replies)
... ety. I SO identified with your post, even though I didn't grow up in a home where sex was taboo. In fact, I became very sexually aware at a very early age. I was masterbating and ejaculating by age 9 or 10. I'm in my 40's now, and I've never had a real relationship. ... (3 replies)
... I had a masterbatory accident from masterbating a way that although i did not know, it was bad for my body. Got extreme pain and then became completely impotent for 8 months. ... (27 replies)
... erect. Then i try to fluff it up myself and it sorta works but i never become fully hard again. and then when we start to have sex or oral and i have masterbate to finish and i am never fully erect when this happens. ... (1 replies)
... g the KY liquid to help out while masterbating. Iv'e been on the board before and I figured its mostly due to my masterbation techniques. The prob is when I get hard and put on the condom and slip myself in. Im immediately going soft. If I lie on my back and start "squeezing one out" I can get hard as a rock. ... (3 replies)
... I agree with the last poster, I went through similar things when I was younger and had a hard time stopping my self but as I got older I stopped thinking it was such a bad thing and when I stopped caring I actually did it less. ... (10 replies)
I Need Help
Jan 25, 2008
... e even masterbating, I still can but it takes a long time to get ready. The last couple of times my girlfriend has been in the mood I haven't been able to get it hard at all. ... (1 replies)
Need More!
Apr 22, 2006
... She still enjoys it a lot but i want to do it better!!! Is it too much pressure to ask her to shave down there? ... (30 replies)
... sex....I would say on average maybe once out of very 7 or 8 times we may pop in a movie and watch a bit, then have sex with it still playing. Mostly, not to be too personal, we keep "reading" material in the bathroom, and the magazines generally just get looked at while sitting on the toilet, for entertainment, hehe..... ... (39 replies)

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