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... just a tinge of water coming out. ... (22 replies)
... i have semen coming out after my urine. this happens about once a week some times there is no pain at all sometimes my testies hurt, and sometimes i have pain in between the testies and anus which is byfar the worst of all. ... (2 replies)
No orgasm
Jul 30, 2006
... this may seem really wierd. When I ejaculate I no longer have a orgasm. I have no problems with erection and it takes me a long time and I have to really concentrate to finally ejaculate. ... (2 replies)

To Wood650...
Oct 30, 2004
... diabetic and impotent. Masturbation is always when soft and it is difficult. Takes a long time and I don't ejaculate but have some of the sensation of it with no semen coming out. There is sometimes a kind of pain at climax. I Know this isn't an exact "fit" with your circumstances but that's what I experience. ... (11 replies)
... But I am worried abt a thing which is very annoying to me these days, well.. I find that while peeing get semen discharged a little, i have seen it, its slimy semen, i have evne smelled its semen. I now also feel little stress on right side near my joint of penis. ... (4 replies)
... I remember, before my surgery, the wonderful feeling of climax. It was more than just the semen coming out. It was a feeling of muscles moving, of contractions occurring. As I tried to describe above, i would feel a sense of thrusting. ... (16 replies)
... And to those who posted about Tyson's glands, they need to know that they are a complete myth. No one has ever found them besides Dr. Tyson, 100 years ago, and it is generally acknowledged that he was way off base. ... (511 replies)
... There is no such thing as excess semen. ... (6 replies)
... Sounds like retrograde ejaculation. When this happens, the semen goes into the bladder instead of coming out of the penis. ... (5 replies)
Semen looks watery
Aug 18, 2002
... What you describe sounds like a result of retrograde ejaculation. This is when the actual sperm is emptied into the bladder rather than coming through the urethra. All that is coming out is the prostate fluid. ... (8 replies)
... st be manually touching my genitailia. When I am trying to have intercourse with my girlfriend my penis goes soft within 4 minutes of thrusting, and i still feel no pleasure. ... (0 replies)
... Thanks everyone for your comments on this topic. I was beginning to think there will be none, after a week with no reply. ... (6 replies)
... Im 19 and have no health issues... i think. ... (1 replies)
Wet Dreams...
Aug 30, 2003
... The spasms, the delicious and relieving feeling of the semen coming out, your body shaking, etc. Whereas in a wet dream, there are more feelings involved. ... (21 replies)
... However, my semen seems very "thin". ... (1 replies)
... rave, I met this girl. I was extremely drunk but I do remember her smelling pretty bad down there. I passed out once or twice and then I ended up having sex with her. Like I said she smelled pretty bad, but me, being drunk really wasn't thinking. ... (5 replies)
... and today's semen was a healthy white and sticky mess. Smelled nice too, lol. ... (9 replies)
... more confused, because I never knew such thing happen to men and worst at such a young age, so I was really panicking, girl pregnant and cannot have an erection no matter how hard I tried. ... (0 replies)
... this is true, you need to learn to accept your fantasies. They are probably good fun, talk about them to your partner and encourage her to do the same with you. No doubt she will have some of her own to share. ... (13 replies)
Wet dreams
Mar 4, 2001
... like a week or two or three. There's no rule on the length of time, it varies from person to person and from one set of conditions to another. ... (11 replies)

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