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... (2 replies)
... broke and I did not see any sign of it. After 20 minutes of oral sex I suddenly took shower with very hot water to kill all the virus from my penis. I burned my penis and it lasted for about two days. than it was back to normal. ... (2 replies)
... problem is every so often the skin around my head and right below it where the foreskin is will turn red and get really dry and when this happens it can also get itchy and it is painful to have sex or masterbate in this condition. Well this started happening to me 2 years ago when I was with another partner. ... (7 replies)

... hello my penis gets red itchy and really dry cracked skin, sometimes this all started 2 years back after i had unprotected sex, sometimes when the skin is so dry the skin cracks and i get little cuts. Also sometimes when i pee it bothers me also when i orgasm . ... (1 replies)
... ly can get some help. I am uncircumsised and a couple of days ago the inside of my foreskin started itching. When I examined it I pulled my foreskin back and the skin on the right side of the head of my penis, right along the ridge of the penis, was red and so was the skin along my foreskin when I pulled it back. ... (3 replies)
... About a year ago I had a negative reaction on my penis after a sexual encounter. ... (4 replies)
... I am 28 years healthy male. I have been masterbating from a long time and somehow i have damaged the innder skin between glans and the shaft while i was masterbating... To be honest I used to masterbate with mositing the penis with water or with saliva. ... (4 replies)
... Basically I have the same problem as the OP. It is not itchy at all but I have a small red patch on the underside of my penis head and it keeps flaking skin. I am circumcised so it is more noticeable to me. When erect it isn't peeling just really shiny and a slightly different colour. ... (2 replies)
... Once, as she sat down for penetration we heard the condom pop. Did not feel my penis touch her vaginal walls. ... (3 replies)
Itchy penis
Feb 18, 2003
... I just spent a week of having sex with my girlfriend multiple times a day, some sessions lasting over an hour. the last day, my penis began to get itchy on the bell region of the head. my girlfriend was irritated as well, and did not get wet right away. ... (5 replies)
... I have used lotions to masterbait in the past, and with girlfreinds, but recently i have started developing very dry flakey itchy skin on my penis. ... (2 replies)
... This could be eczema, or psoriasis. It is best to see a dermatologist. The skin doctors always seem to know what is going on with skin anywhere, including the penis. Urologists tend not to know the skin conditions, at least in my experience. ... (26 replies)
... Every time my wife and I have sex the next day i come out with like a carpet burn on the head ... but under the skin of my penis. ... (8 replies)
... Hi, about a week ago this all started. After going to the bathroom my penis starts to hurt with high instensity in the 'hole' area. ... (2 replies)
... I've been having a skin irritation on my penis just below the head. The skin is read and itchy. ... (2 replies)
... I am not so bothered by this one, but my penis curves a bit to the left. I know a bit of a curve is perfectly natural, and I don't think mine is too curved. ... (3 replies)
... I hope you had some success. I had a yeast infection and it seemed like I cured it. It was patches of painful and itchy red spots. ... (26 replies)
... After sex with my new girlfriend I noticed that the skin on my penis was broken. The next night she performed fellatio and broke the skin more. As it is healing it itches like crazy. I have had small penis scratches before and it was never like this. ... (1 replies)
... These definitely were not on my penis yesterday. The nodules are the same color as the rest of my penis, and are not painful or itchy. ... (0 replies)
... i have had this problem for over a year.I have these slightly itchy small blister like pimples on the shaft of the penis which appear 1 to 2 times a month and then disappear. ... (0 replies)

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