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... I was wondering if anyone that has PPP has received results in trying to treat themselves. I tried a liquid normally used for facial acne treatment on the rim, and it dried my skin out and kind of burned because the skin is so thin there. After a while, skin even began to peel off. ... (0 replies)
... I have PPP and prominent sebaceous glands under the shaft of my penis. ... (10 replies)
... But like I said, there normal skin colored. They do not hurt, go away, break, puss, or anything like that. I have read that there is so other treatment besides surgical treatment. But somewhere else I read that antibiotics can take care of it. ... (7 replies)

... e tried 2 things NADS smoothing lotion and Espom good news to report....i am confused with fordyce spots and sebacious glands i know for a fact i have ppp but i would like to see a picture of the other two to clear myself on this matter just to see if i have those too...the 3rd thing im gonna try is regular salt... ... (511 replies)
... there's been theories that they're just clogged pores that need to be cleaned. somehow there's information going around saying it's a strand of the HPV virus but is so distant it's harmless. regardless of that, it seems whatever causes it, does not like being dry. iodine and alcohol and other chemicals that absorb water seem to kill the root of the problem but the treatment... (11 replies)
... However, I felt gutted when I found out there is no treatment for it, and that most attempts to get rid of it will just make the problem worse. ... (0 replies)
... I Will post up the istructions to remove PPP that have seccessfully removed them for others, and is currently making progress for me. ... (511 replies)
... Because my penis is covered with PPP just like yours! ... (511 replies)
... bad luck son, you've gott ppp by the sound of it. but on the bright side, u are 14 years old, and are already looking at ways to get rid of them. ... (511 replies)
... Using this information, I'm starting to think PPP is caused by Smegma, Sperm, a combination of both, or oils in the skin. ... (511 replies)
... Yeah, I've got PPP as well, with two rows of the bumps along the rim of my head, with some slightly bigger than others (due to attempting to use tweasers to pull the bumps off when I didn't no that this actually had a detrimental effect). I've had them for over 5 years, and they have left me insecure and apprehensive when sex is on the cards. Oral sex is out of the question... (511 replies)
... males. If someone can disprove my theory then we're at least a step closer to finding the cause. I'm not ready to make any announcements about the lemon juice as treatment just yet. ... (511 replies)
... people feel better about themselves. My question is why can't some of that technical knowhow be applied to such a small but NOT insifnificant problem to make a treatment readily available. ... (18 replies)
... a in it which is basically vitamin A to rub over the area. He said it did reduce them over time but doesnt get rid of them completely. I think that cream treatment was more for prominent sebaceous glands that grow on the penis skin. ... (511 replies)
... I'm new on this board, im uncut and have had ppp for about a year. I recently had some small red and white bumps appear on the head of my penis. The ppp didnt bother me too much, but this is when i decided to really do something about them. ... (511 replies)
... I havent tried any treatment yet. I did read somewhere that some guy used "groene duivel" and he claims to have removed his ppp in 3 days!? ... (511 replies)
... The main problem with PPP and someone who is 'uncut', is the moisture. ... (511 replies)
... here we go matter how much i explain it people will never understand it...look, PPP is the white pimples on the head of ur penis and thats it.....sebacous glands are on the shaft of your penis and thats it! ... (511 replies)
... I might consider laser treatment if that will get rid of it, but i would like to know bit more about it, as i say, i have PPP, but not sure about the white bumps elsewhere and what they are etc. ... (511 replies)
... Short term, ppl say it minimises the ppp but once you stop the treatment it comes back. Laser treatment is another option but has anyone removed ppp successfuly without them coming back? ... (9 replies)

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