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... pressure just kept it up. But when the clothes come off, I start to lose the erection just about immediately. ... (4 replies)
Sep 7, 2013
... Before going that route, you might try focusing on the erection itself first, which doesn't necessarily mean Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. ... (3 replies)
... eel this seems a bit vain, but I have some questions about ejaculate volume. I am 36 and feel more and more self concious about this issue as well as quality of erection as I get older. ... (4 replies)

... one pack per day. What I realized eventually, was that my inexplicable inability to obtain a normal, in my case "very solid" erection was a side effect from saw palmetto, one of the supplements in one of the pills within the daily pack. ... (3 replies)
... Ok, so lately ive suddenly started suffering with a little bit of an erection problem. Its not serious and I think its only coz im seeing another girl after being with my ex for many years. ... (2 replies)
... I was crazy sick a couple weeks ago I vomited and a bunch of things...I had to stop all supplements and haven't restarted them since. ... (49 replies)
... Hey guys... I've sorta been reading this forum on and off the past few days or so, and I've seen a lot of helpful advice given by understanding people. So, I thought I'd join the list and see if anyone could give me some insight on my problem. The "problem" has surfaced rather recently, I started dating my girlfriend a few months ago, and at the time, remember having... (5 replies)
... Also, I have used many sport supplements over the past couple years... ... (9 replies)
Weak erection
Dec 2, 2009
... it contains horny goat weed along with other herbs that you take 30 minutes prior to "bedtime activity". it really has worked for me, i was unable to sustain an erection for a good period of time, and went limp very easily. the horny goat weed has helped alot. ... (1 replies)
... I suspect you're fighting nerves. The Stamina RX probably worked the first time because of the power of suggestion. You need to relax, talk to your girl about your nerves and concerns. The fact that you're getting good erections means there's probably no physical issue, but when you get ready to have sex, you start panicking and the adrenaline kicks in, constricting blood... (1 replies)
... Any other supplements I could pick up at a pharmacy? ... (1 replies)
... mineral and some other supplements that are making me feel even better. ... (15 replies)
... I believe you can do the following. 1. Go to your regular family doctor and get blood work done. Try to get the doctor to check: Testosterone, Serum Total Free Testosterone Prolactin FSH LH (15 replies)
... and that failing to maintain an erection for a sustained period while flat on one's back isn't uncommon. ... (8 replies)
... I have taken nitro pills and can not use viagra. Would yohimbine be safe to use for obtaining an erection????? (16 replies)
... Viagra and Cialis both work great, but if you are having a problem its best to visit a doctor and get yourself checked out first. Sometimes erection problems are a sign of something far more serious. ... (3 replies)
Erection loss!!
Jan 10, 2015
... 2 questions for you... 1 do you still have morning wood? or does your anus feel different? I ask because lack of morning wood is usually a sign of out of wack blood flow, and do you take riods or supplements? I ask this because dispite what macho magazines say they really do more harm than good. 2. at your age you should not have an issue in this dept, go to the DR. get... (3 replies)
... Smoking is one of the cause of ED. There are other options that he may try aside from taking viagra supplements. He may take foods that increase libido such as chilies, nuts, watermelon, avocado and oyster. Exercise can also help. (2 replies)
... Is it the doctor or the insurance company's drug formulary? Many insurance companies have an age cut off before which a man can not get a prescription for Erectile dysfunction without first having a diagnosis of E.D. My concern is that this is most often physical and not psychological as was thought decades ago. Specifically, erectile problems are the canary in the mineshaft... (2 replies)
... or ED, then the supplements may very limited in what they can do. ... (1 replies)

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