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... ed about the uncircumcised penis, i would have never had any trouble at all. ... (13 replies)
... Also, this has nothing to do with this, i've had this for awhile and i know of it. But i am uncircumcised like i said, and if i pull my skin back far enough, i noticed the part where the head curves in and turns into the shaft looks really bumpy. ... (10 replies)
... I was given false information. Here I am 47 years old and am just finding this out, and the way I found it out was by reading on the net. I have never seen an uncircumcised penis, because my husband and the three boyfriends I had before him were all circumcised. ... (11 replies)

... t and kill bacteria. The majority of men with PPP are uncircumcised... so obviously the foreskin is contributing somehow to the condition. But there are 'some' uncircumcised guys that have PPP too. ... (511 replies)
... here who are argueing against circumsision saying there is absolutely no problems with being uncut have obvisiously missed the one or two posts a week from uncut guys and their problems. ... (39 replies)
... Sorry to hear about your issue. The answer to your question is that it depends on the person. There are really clean uncircumcised guys and there are really dirty circumcised guys. Although the foreskin has the potential to help bacteria grow, it in and of itself is not the problem. ... (1 replies)
... then another solution may be trying some desensitizing cream. I usually hear about uncircumcised guys using this but it may be beneficial to you too. Just be sure to follow any directions because you do not want to be so numb that you cannot feel anything. ... (1 replies)
... That said I know various guys who can't retract thier skin all the way, or it is tight and they are perfectly ok. ... (12 replies)
... Usually, in uncircumcised guys, the painful or burning feeling of touching the penis head goes away with regular cleaning of the penis head. ... (16 replies)
... The best lead we have right now is the high occurence in uncircumcised guys. ... (511 replies)
... If you have never retracted your foreskin, how have you kept it clean? It is imperative that the foreskin be fully retracted and cleaned daily. If you don't, you can get smegma and other fluids that build up and cause problems. (12 replies)
... Thanks guys, the problem is I can't retract it to expose the head and I was getting worried about it, although i've never had any health issues because of it until last week (see other thread). I may begint he stretching excercises but i'm a little afraid to do so. I figure "if it aint broke, don't fix it" but I could be wrong. (12 replies)
... of ones foreskin. I'm uncut and when erect probably about half of the head of my penis is showing, I've got to retract the rest to fully expose the head. Some guys when erect won't have any showing and others may completely retract without help. Hope that helps you. ... (12 replies)
... because of constant exposure to rubbing on clothes etc and changes the colour. Guys who are circumcised as adults usually find they go through a period of extreme sensitivity until this happens. ... (3 replies)
... ssue so I didn't have to do the stretching. As years went on and I did some research on my own I learned so much about my uncut penis and the struggles of other guys like me. That's one reason why I hang out here...helping others figure it out and encouraging them to accept the fact that being uncut is really quite cool. ... (13 replies)
... ribe sounds like a phimotic ring, and the pain of having your foreskin retracted when erect is caused by the foreskin being too tight, which is very common among uncircumcised guys and very commonly known as phimosis. ... (3 replies)
... selves and it is a hygeine issue. Also, I just prefer the look of a circumcised penis, and I know many others who also do. I remember my first experience with an uncircumcised man. ... (39 replies)
... If one in ten men appear to have a STD but DO NOT, it should be COVERED IN SEX ED. Both guys and girls need to be informed of this. ... (511 replies)
... Hey Guys, I'm new to the board, and I've read thru all the messages. I can relate, as I've got PPP. A cure would be nice, but as few other guys mentioned sometimes you've just gotta deal, especially when things can always get worse. ... (511 replies)
... Hey Guys, Just want to thank you ahead of time for reading this. Never thought I'd end up on a site like this but good to know there is a community out there that will listen. Here is my situation, I'll try to keep it brief: I am 21 and have "tried" to have sex about 10-12 times total. I have never had a girlfriend, this is with various different girls. I'd say 2 of... (2 replies)

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