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... and thus I lose my erection. Also, now, my penis will get hard, but then when I try intercourse, it's a soft erection. I'm thinking this is due to the sensitive head. Is it due to me being uncircumsized? ... (6 replies)
... as remained covered and without direct stimulation for years. You can work with it now...the more you expose it to direct stimulation, touch and such...the less sensitive it'll be. Soon, the head of your penis will be the pleasure center of your penis and you'll love oral sex or anything... ... (6 replies)
... d stimulate it as much as possible until the sensations change from pain to pleasure. Use lube to start with and try masturbating that way if you can. If it's to sensitive for that try the spray from the shower on it first. ... (6 replies)

... I am a 22 year old male. I am uncircumsized and when fully erect I can not peel my foreskin back over my head. It is too tight. I have tried before and it is extremely painful. ... (13 replies)
... d right side of the frenulum was swollen. There was no pain, no discharge, nothing but 2 swollen sacks. It wasn't tight swollen I could slightly depress it. I am uncircumsized and it was the skin between the head and the foreskin. ... (2 replies)
... Hey bud, I'm uncut as well so I know what you're talking about. The head of my penis was super sensitive for a long time. Remember that it stays covered all the time so it is going to be sensitive. ... (4 replies)
... nd the head. This is better than when I was younger, where I couldn't pull it back at all almost, but it still hurts whenever the foreskin gets stuck and my very sensitive head is exposed. ... (10 replies)
... I'd try a desensitizing cream. "Prolong" or something like that. I've had similar issues with sexual dysfunction because of pain. As for stretching, plenty of info in here about that. A urologist might steer you wrong honestly. I've had decent luck with steroid creams, get them to prescribe you one of those. Then use the cream and stretch your foreskin. If all else fails... (10 replies)
... Hey Caliguy. You say that, every time you pull back your foreskin, it is sensitive. I think you mean that the penis head is sensitive to touch, right? ... (16 replies)
... Thanks a lot for the help guys. It's getting less sensitive already and the foreskin looser as well. I have an optimistic outlook for the weeks ahead! ... (10 replies)
... ur skin's forward all the time you're pretty much insulating yourself of all sensation I would have thought and that might not be helping you. If you find it too sensitive having it back in the daytime you could maybe try this just while you sleep to start off with. It's just an idea, but it may help. ... (10 replies)
... Hi, ive noticed tht ive got quite a big build up of smegma and my penis is too sensitive to touch and its quite painful wen i pull the foreskin back, ive been tryin 2 do the stretching bt ive still never got the foreskin past the head. ... (3 replies)
... Well he is 33 years old and I'm pretty sure he has had sexual partners before me, in fact I know of at least 10. So- with this being said....he is either really uncomfortable with the size when not hard...OR- I was thinking, he is very very ticklish, EVERYWHERE...and sometimes he makes that comment that it tickles you think that could be part of it? One time I was... (7 replies)
... I am uncicumcised and yes the uncircumcised penis is probably more sensitive because the head is covered by the skin all the time. ... (7 replies)
... Mine's pretty sensitive. Like if I am masturbating and I pull the foreskin back and continue to masturbate with the foreskin moving forward and back it's rather uncomfortable. After it's dried though (it's always wet a little under the foreskin) it feels REALLLY good. Also, when I am receiving oral sex from my girlfriend it feels really really good, but she's really got to... (4 replies)
... Hello its me mark again, was wondering how exactly to have sex when you're not circumsized, i mean i can retract the skin easily but i mean am i supposed to have it pulled back when i have sex or do i just put the condom over it while the skin is covering the head? also should i try and keep the skin peeled back at all times? it seems a little sensitive, ive been trying to... (5 replies)
... Now that you are able to fully retract, you could make it easier by repetition exercises using a thin "personal" lubricant available in any pharmacy, including chain stores for instance. This would produce a continuing stretching of the foreskin to help relieve your concerns. Assuming the use of a condom in intercourse, you should retract before putting the condom on. ... (5 replies)
... Hi, just a simple question, I am 21 and have finally retracted, peeled back my foreskin off of my head fully. now the thing is that my glans is very sensitive i am told that that will go away with time. ... (5 replies)
... sureable. Also, it is totally common for the head to be supersensitive, even painful at first. In time, after exposing it to touch and stimulation it'll be less sensitive and much more pleasuerable. By the way, I'm uncut too so I totally understand what you're up against here. So, read up on stretching, get to work... ... (13 replies)
... That's great Geoff...enjoy your stay here in the states. I'll try to manage this uncut stuff without your great advice and skill.... Oh and by the way, I'm glad we mostly agree! ;) (6 replies)

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