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... Ditto to what Lance said, we usually agree :) . By the way I'll be going away to work in the USA from near the end of July. It's a fantastic oportunity to live and work in an exciting city overseas, learning new skills and with all my expenses, paid plus my normal salary :D . We'll take some leave in Europe on the way home too. So I doubt I'll be able to check these boards... (6 replies)
... Hey bud, you're welcome! There is NO need to be embarassed about this at all, we deal with stuff quite frankly here, just glad to be of some help. Keep me posted man, I'd like to know how things progress. Don't be worried about asking other questions are getting clarification about something, we're here to help each other out. Good luck! (6 replies)
... Man, thank you both for your replies. I feel much better knowing how to fix this. It's rather embarassing and I'm glad yall were able to give feedback and relate to the situation. I will heed both of your advice. You have my gratitude. Thanks again. (6 replies)

... be super sensitive but if you don't work with it some it'll stay that way. Why not try some lubrication to help lessen the direct pressure to see if that will help. ... (14 replies)
... do but easy to say. Its a strange stinging feeling, not exactly pleasant, and i dont know how im supposed to self inflict this pain upon myself especially such a sensitive spot. It bothers the crap out of me when its touching my boxers or something, and i have no idea how to do it on my own. ... (14 replies)
... Hey bud, the more you expose the head of your penis to touch and direct stimulation the less sensitive it will be....this is normal and while it may take a while, be patient and just keep working with it. ... (14 replies)
... ed to being uncovered and used to being touched, rubbed and such. You'll want to keep working with it, exposing it to touch and time it'll be much less sensitive and will be incredibly pleasureable for you. Please feel free to ask other questions! ... (4 replies)
... Feels good!!! After awhile, the head will not be so sensitive,the more you use it. I am uncut and I think I can feel alot more friction. good luck and enjoy!!! My wife says she love the feel inside her, she can feel the foreskin moving in side and it turns her on. (16 replies)
... should be more effective. If the skin is not tight but you are experiencing discomfort because the glans is very sensitive then that is a different problem altogether. That sort of discomfort lessens the more you expose, touch and use the glans. ... (8 replies)
... ural and I want to know if there is something special I can do that would blow his mind... or is there something I should NOT do. I know he is proned to be more sensitive than my ex. If you are uncut... what do you enjoy? ... (3 replies)
... Here's a personal experience that im gonna share with you guys... I'm uncut also but i've always takin' good care of the "package". Meaning the forsekin went all the way back and it didn't hurt...i've also had sex plenty of times and i knew, at least i thought i knew, that it wouldn't tear. Well, one night my girl was on top and we were using a lubricant. The exact... (6 replies)
... was in a hurricane of akwardness becuase my glan was too sensitive.. so heres the problem now that shes had a bit, were both anxious to do stuff but im still to sensitive ive been reading about desensitizing but i just want to know from the veterans of an uncircumsized unit to give me a rough estimate of how long it takes.. ... (2 replies)
Mar 18, 2004
... im circumsized, and under the head is very sensitive, its crazy, i was just wondering because the top part of the shaft by the pubic bone, its less sensitive I say. So is it because of everyday life, like wearing clothes, and sleeping? ... (2 replies)
... soother..the baby mild aloe is also very kind to sensitive skin...both are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! You can buy these soaps at your local health food stores and organic pharmacies.. ... (511 replies)
... OK so i'm uncircumsized and last night i tried to leave the foreskin retracted so my glans can be less sensitive. ... (3 replies)
... I am uncircumsized and the spot the cut occured in is the main 'hinge' where the foreskin folds over. For guys who know what I'm talking about it is 'the' spot. ... (0 replies)
... As you can tell by title im uncircumsized and i have no problems with it. ... (0 replies)
... Hi, I've always had this and wondered if it was normal, i'm uncircumsized and the skin beneath the penis head when the foreskin is pulled back is red and very sore/sensitive when touching it. Only where the main veins are, then about half way down my skin is all soft. It's not a problem for me in general but say if a girl pulls on that part unknowingly with her hand it... (1 replies)
... Ok, so I am uncircumsized, ever since I was little, I've had a piece of the foreskin attached to the side of my glans, well while in sex this hadn't been a problem, but this weekend I experienced something weird and painful, me and my girlfriend were playing around in my bed, then we decided to have sex, well, as I put it in, the foreskin started burning a bit, I didn't pay it... (4 replies)
... Cool, no worries. (10 replies)

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