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... circumcision is not the answer to this one. circumcised men often post about hypersensitivity of the head, so it is something which is not all that well understood, either by the public, or the medical community. (10 replies)
... about six to eight weeks. there is a great sticky at the top of Men's Health about stretching a tight foreskin. The hypersensitivity usually goes about a month to six weeks after retracting regularly when urinating. (10 replies)
... No idea, sorry. Skin does stretch though and mind certainly did as I was growing up. If it moves freely enough back and forth once it's past the head then I wouldn't worry too much about it sliding all the way back and forwards during sex, because it doesn't have to. If it's uncomfortable or constricting (I'm thinking like a belt that's too tight) when it's back then you may... (10 replies)

... Well I think the opening of my foreskin is a bit too tight because I can slide it back and forth when flaccid, but when erect it takes some effort to retract the foreskin past the head and then I can't slide the foreskin back over the head unless I first pull the foreskin all the way down the shaft and back up. I know that might not make much sense, I can't really find a... (10 replies)
... True, it happens, but it's by no means common from what I can gather. If yours moves ok and hasn't yet felt like it's constricting then I wouldn't worry as it'd be highly unlikely to suddenly become too tight. Re-reading your first post it sounds like you may have had problems in this area but it's hard to tell how to interpret what you've written. You know your own body... (10 replies)
... Thanks for the info. I heard that if the foreskin is tight enough to get stuck behind the head during intercourse or something, it's dangerous because blood gets trapped in the head and circulation is impeded. Is that true? (10 replies)
... my over sensitive head. ... (1 replies)
... Ya I like it better when the foreskin is pulled back. Feels much better for oral, besides it's kind of hard for it not to just come back anyway. (4 replies)
... I kno that when im getting head i let my girlfriend do what ever she wants... she tends to pull it back and forth through out all of it which really intensifies the whole feeling (4 replies)
... hey Gonehome, when you are getting oral, do you pull back your foreskin, or no..thanks (4 replies)

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