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... I am a uncircumsized virgin, and my g/f wanted to have sex last night. But i didn't know what to do with the skin on the head of my penis. Do i pull it back so it is off the head of my penis. Or do i just leave it like it is. I have been wondering this for some time. Sometimes when i ejaculate the skin will slide down past the head of my penis, when i am not fully erect. But... (3 replies)
... i am 17 and i'm uncircumsized and still a virgin because the skin of my penis won;t go below the head at all not even close when erect it will go pull back about a quarter of a inch! so i can only imagine what will happen during sex, this is why i haven;t done it, but i'am tired of my friends always making fun of me becuase i'am still a virgin. what can i do to fix this, is my... (9 replies)
... I am a 22 year old male. I am uncircumsized and when fully erect I can not peel my foreskin back over my head. It is too tight. I have tried before and it is extremely painful. ... (13 replies)

... ello im 21 and im a gf and i are startin to get pretty serious and i wanna know how sex will be for me...will it be good cause im uncircumsized or will it hurt or what? ... (16 replies)
... I'm hoping someone can be of great help to me. I am a 28-year old who technically is no longer a virgin. However, until this year, the only sunlight my penis head saw, was to clean it. Nievely, I had no idea that the foreskin was supposed to retract during sex and also slide during sex. So, now the foreskin has loosened as much to retracting isn't as bad. However, the skin... (6 replies)
... Well im uncircumsized and still a virgin, but the exposed part of the head of my penis sometimes stings with it is touched by something else. ... (14 replies)
... I'm uncircumsized and a virgin. The way I've been masturbating my whole life..I never pulled the skin back that far, like not even over past the head. ... (8 replies)
... Definitely try the stretching instructions found in a sticky at the top of the Men's Heath board. (or cut and paste: A lot of guys have said they've been helped by them. Anyway, you should be able to slide your forskin back over your head (and yes, that is the norm, even though many men can have successful... (13 replies)
... im a virgin as well, 15 yrs old. ... (1 replies)
... Hey man, I can help here. I'm uncut, just a bit over 5.5 inches and no one ever told me anything about my penis or how it would work, how to retract the foreskin, hygiene or anything....learned it all on my own. So here goes.... Yes, your foreskin should glide easily back and forth over the head and onto the shaft while you're having sex. Its fine if is gets "stuck"... (6 replies)
... o comonnnn.... its sex man.. the pain isn't that bad, it is WELLLL worth it. (3 replies)
... Yep that should help but sensation may be reduced as you will have the skin forward. This will probably be a good thing on your first time though. Work on the stretching and you should get this sorted. Geoff (3 replies)
... how bout if i use a condom? would that help reduce the pain? (3 replies)
... hey u guys, im 21 uncut and i plan to have sex with my g/f in about a month..this is gonna be my first time..and im a little nervous. i uncut and it hurts a lot when i pull the foreskin back on my penis when im hard..i know its prolly gonna hurt when i have sex with her too..:( wat should i do??? (3 replies)
Penis question
Oct 10, 2004
... It is not supposed to break ever. But it sometimes does if the fist action is too long and strong. (1 replies)
Penis question
Oct 10, 2004
... hey all... im a 16 uncircumsized virgin, i wanted to know if the sort of strink-like peace of skin under your penis... keeping the skin over the head is supposed to break on ur first time. thx (1 replies)
Sep 3, 2002
... hi all i'm uncircumsized & virgin. but things slowly go to my losing virginity & i don't know if i'm ready for it. during the erection the foreskin goes back the head and collects there/ i try to move it more back but it's like a ring and moves only with pain and just for a little. can you help? (2 replies)
... s have to do during puberty, some of us have more foreskin than others because all our penises are different. As for your buddies giving you a hard time, being a virgin is quite OK. Don't let others "force" you into something, it's your body. There really are too many factors out there today around STD's and such. ... (9 replies)
... As you can tell by title im uncircumsized and i have no problems with it. ... (0 replies)
... Thanks for the replies to my other question! I had another question, I'm still a virgin so I was wondering how someone who well wasn't circumsized had sex, I'm uncircumsized and proud but whenever I watch a porno all the men have had their foreskin cut off and it looks like they can grab the tip with no pain or anything, whenever i touch the tip of my penis It tends to hurt,... (5 replies)

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