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... Always handle condoms gently. ... (0 replies)
... I've noticed that condoms are fairly uncomfortable for me. They tend to 'pintch' and erritate my penis easliy. ... (0 replies)
... My hubby prefers Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive unlubricated. When he (or I) puts it on, a drop or two of lube in the reservoir tip helps aid sensitivity as well as lubing the outside to help it not be so um...uncomfortable for me. Our lube of choice is Astroglide or KY Liquid. Astroglide is great for vaginal/anal sex, it's... (3 replies)

... hi thankx everyone for replying. :bouncing: i guess i dont' kno for sure if i'm allergic to the latex, but i kno for sure i am to the spermicide. all the ones i've tried that hav had spermicide gave me kind of a burning sensation and itchiness. Howver, i hav tried just latex (no spermicide) n its still uncomfortable, but that could be b/c maybe i wasn't wet enough...i... (13 replies)
... er like Trojan. Generally those sold in pharmacies or pharmacy departments are of good quality. Also check the expiration date on the packages to make sure the condoms are fresh. ... (9 replies)
... Let her know you're a virgin -- that's likely to be a turn-on for her. As for condoms, as someone else said, by all means get some and experiment with them by yourself. Masturbating (to orgasm) with a condom on is not likely to be very satisfactory, except maybe a time or two as a novelty, but you can experiment enough to get a feel for what it's like to have one on. If... (15 replies)
Condom problems
Aug 4, 2003
... Yes the condom is too tight, although nervousness can greatly affect why you lose the erection. I used to use cheap clinic condoms that were too tight and uncomfortable. ... (6 replies)
... y thinner condoms. I don't feel there's that much difference, but at least it will make him see you worry about him. I mean, why are you so worried about thinner condoms breaking? ... (4 replies)
... i used to buy condoms at that age and do my best to act like it didn't bother me. just lay 'em down like they're a pack of certs or something. ... (9 replies)
... i am having the same problem with my girlfriend. i talked to a few buddies of mine and they seem to suggest i get durex extra sensitive condoms. i looked them up and they are contoured condoms that are apparently designed to be thinner and just as strong as well as emphasizing (sp?) certain areas that are the most sensitive. i plan on trying this out because my girl and i have... (8 replies)
Condom hurts
Jun 25, 2002
... Whenever I use condoms during intercourse, I find that they become uncomfortable around the base of my penis and cut off the circulation. ... (10 replies)
... Oh my.. i never thought i'd find someone who has the legit almost identical sexual libido as mine. You're libido is literally like mine except you're male. I started masturbating at a very young age also, about 5 or 6 and yes lmao it was like a tickle. I am really horny all the time and continuously get wet especially in my classes or when i'm procrastinating and am crunching... (6 replies)
... mes a day to maybe 1 or 2 times, or even 0, and its killing me! She is not too fond of me watching porn and masturbating while she is around, and I feel a little uncomfortable doing it behind her back, its not a problem when she is not around. ... (6 replies)
... n get back to him but we dont have that much time. when we do go for round 2... he usually lasts close to the same time. idk wat to do n its the one topic i feel uncomfortable bringing to his attention... ... (14 replies)
... Hi, last night I had oral sex with my girl friend (had no condoms :() however this morning I noticed that my foreskin was still pulled back behind the glands. Then noticed that the bit of skin under my glands were rather swollen (I think its called the corona?) When I got back home I had a closer look and noticed that it had become more inflamed and its rather... (2 replies)
... ptions. He tells me that circumcision is the way forward. He also suggested a form of plastic surgery to reform the frenelum. When i spoke to him, i felt totally uncomfortable with my insecurities, as each time i tried to open up, he would kind of put me off anything but the idea of surgery. I do'nt wish to get surgery. ... (1 replies)
... e a very little now and then for one reason and that being so it doesnt get caught while using condoms, that can be a pain . But I would think it would be pretty uncomfortable and irritated after shaving down there. ... (8 replies)
... Lots of things can cause us to lose an erection, being uncomfortable would certainly be a factor. I'd suggest that you try several different types of condoms, they all fit a bit differently, try some of the larger ones as well... ... (3 replies)
... further. What the hell. I can't seem to do it with any condom. Now, I tried it without having the head exposed, and it rolled down perfectly fine, and it wasn't uncomfortable at all. ... (4 replies)
How can this work?
Jun 15, 2003
... Why wouldn't you be able to enjoy sex in any position you choose? The size of a man's penis isn't important. What's important is that you learn how to pleasure your partner. Many women, in fact, would prefer a somewhat smaller penis than a large one. There are women who find a large (length or circumference) penis uncomfortable. As for condoms...there are a variety of... (6 replies)

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