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... this may help a lot. as far as the delay, it sounds like it is because you are not focusing, and because of the lack of stimuation because of the phimosis. for the little white dots, do a search for pearly penile papules. they are harmless nerve endings, visible on about 3 out of 10 men. good luck. (4 replies)
... There are reasons for circumcision. They include gangrene and frostbite. Circumcision does not cure BXO, so even if you have BXO, circumcision is no guarantee. Treating with steroids leaves the foreskin intact, and has a better success rate. When women get the equivalent of BXO, LSA, no one removes any part of their genitalia. It might be BXO. It might also be simple... (1 replies)
Pinhole phimosis
Mar 2, 2009
... the only way to keep a penis with pinhole phimosis clean, immediately, is to sit, pinch the foreskin closed, and urinate. it's called ballooning. urine is sterile. for a long term solution, you might want to take a look at the sticky at the top of the Men's Health forum. pinhole phimosis doesn't necessarily mean a problem. hygenically, usually no smegma is produced, so... (1 replies)

... Hi, After some farily intense sex (with condom) I had what apeared to be a yeast infection (described I treated it with antifungal cream (for athletes foot) and it cleared up in about a week. Now i feel as though my glans is more sensitive then before (i dont mean good sensitive). It feels like if I have a... (1 replies)
... This is all you'll likely ever need (2 replies)
... When you say that the "foreskin dosen't pull over the when erect - i guess that's not normal" do you mean that the foreskin does not retract over your glans towards your body, or does not stay covering your glans when erect? If the latter, lots of guys can keep their glans covered by their foreskin when erect. If the former, then it is time you start retracting your foreskin... (5 replies)
... If you insert your penis with your foreskin covering your glans, the movement will soon just push your foreskin back, it would be difficult for it not to happen. A condom might help this to stay in place, ut probably not. So the best thing to do is try and stretch your foreskin. Look at this, this has helped many people in worse situations than you.... (5 replies)
... Here are some stretching instructions, follow this link Other advice I would give is to always retract your foreskin as afar as it will go, without hurting, every time you go to the toilet. this way your foreskin not only will be able to retract further back over time, but your penis head (glans) gets more used to... (1 replies)
... Have a look at the stretching instructions here - That should help with your foreskin. If your foreskin had phimosis badly you would not even get it back past the tip of your glans so it may just need a bit of stretching. (2 replies)
... How do you stretch it/pull it down if the penis itself is attached to the foreskin? (12 replies)
... It wont kill you, but it can be a bit smelly so ideally you would clean it off in the shower but if you cannot retract your foreskin this is what you need to work on. Have a look at these instructions that have helped many guys sort out their foreskins There is no reason to get yourself circumcised for this,... (12 replies)
Oct 15, 2007
... See this article here, a lot of people report success with this and come back if you need further advice. (8 replies)
Foreskin Problem
Aug 5, 2007
... Every time you go to the toilet, you must pull your foreskin back as far as it will go without hurting, and continue to do this every day for several months possibly, maybe less or possibly more. Have a look here at strecthing instructions as well - (1 replies)
... Hi, well if anyone wants to get a breif idea of my initial problems they are here: As well as them issues i have finaly met a good m8 (female) (and my only real life m8) who ive started going places with and that sorta stuff which is good. but my past problems and some new ones keep getting in the way because of my lack of experience and understanding i am guessing... (1 replies)
Tight frenulum
Apr 13, 2007
... go to home page of this site. In search engine type 'frenulum' but before check that you search this site not web. There is a lot of things to learn and one man had the same question as yours. I had a problem of frenulum brave and I searched the web a lot. This site I found very good. So search it it will help you I am sure. this guy GeoffB seems to know a lot. go here: ... (6 replies)
... I think you really need to go back to the doctor for this one. Perhaps there are pills you can take orally to beat the thrush (yeast). Once that has been taken care of, these instructions will help, if you follow them regularly. Good luck, and let us know if we can help. (2 replies)
Erection issues
Jan 25, 2007
... Do you watch porn? Just curious b/c I am dealing with the EXACT same thing, and Im only 24! Its very frustrating, but this was said by someone on another thread regarding porn (if you dont watch it, dont mind it!): post #3 (3 replies)
Dec 6, 2006
... Try the stretching techniques. It just takes longer with a really tight opening. You won't know until you try and thanks heaps DuckyGoQuack Geoff (19 replies)
... as i know it is not easy here is my link for the same thing. maby we bouth can find help. i have no info for you other then what is there. im dieing for the same help. (1 replies)
... Hey just found a post on the women's health board that answers your question about size. It's titled Penis Size! by worrymaster, I am going to try to post the information to find it, but am completely unsure if I'll do it right, so here it goes...I basically just copied what the bottom of the screen said when hilighted...but I'm blonde, so who knows if it's even right!:D ... (29 replies)

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