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Hi ladies,
I'm new to the menopause threads and haven't posted on Healthboards in a few years. I'm 43 and my story is a little different as I had a partial hysterectomy when I was 40 (still have my ovaries) and my hormones wacked out after my hyster. It's been a rough roller coaster with being on and off HRT and even saw an endocrinologist because nothing was working with my debilitating crashing fatigue where I couldn't even get out of bed and was flat on my back all week.

I was off HRT for almost a year and currently went back on the lowest dose of estradiol due to all my symptoms coming back and had all the yucky symptoms again and this time the nausea is even worse. My OBGYN wants me to try it out for a few weeks to see if my body adjusts and if this doesn't work he's going to try something else. I'm praying my body evens out and my symptoms start to even out, especially this nausea. My hot flashes have lessened considerably--fingers crossed!

I am very physically active, walk every day, and I take yoga classes (which does help--I swear by legs up the wall to help with all my symptoms and really relaxes me) but the nausea comes and go. I try to eat because I feel worse when I don't eat. It hits either early in the morning or right before bed. I take my HRT in the AM and read that sometimes it helps to take it in the evening. Also, nausea is a side effect of HRT so I don't know if it's HRT or hormonal-related ugh! I'm just hoping that things start to calm down within the next few weeks and my body adjusts. The last time I was on HRT I think I had some nausea but not like this.

It's really tough because a lot of my friends who are in their early 40s don't really understand what I'm going through since they aren't experiencing any of these menopausal symptoms. Just a few hot flashes here and there. My mom went through menopause early so my OBGYN said it's very likely that I'm starting and I know perimenopause can last up to 10 years before a woman "officially" goes through menopause. Anyway, I can definitely empathize with the nausea. I never had children and can't have children obviously after my hyster but my mom said your symptoms sound exactly like morning sickness. Oh yay fun ha!

Thanks for letting me share my story and it helps to read about other women's experiences. I think I'm going to start trying some essential oils along with my HRT to see if that helps. I drink ginger tea which helps soothes my stomach but this on and off nausea is for the birds. :( Hang in there, ladies!

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