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Okay so posting on a website wasn't what I wanted to do BUT I need some idea's please.
- I am a 62 year old female-I've been through menopause-been married 17 years. I have several issues that my husband couldn't even begin to understand. I know they all can deplete my sex drive. Actually I haven't had any interest in sex since I was about 42 years old. I am on CPP disability for fibromyalgia that whipes me out and I am always so sore. For that I take Gabapentin-muscle relaxer & Advil at bedtime. My fibro flare when I get stressed stress-I am stressed. I have Hashimoto's thyroid & take synthroid for that & it's not just that I have thyroid issues but I have had issues with my thyroid readings going way down. I have anemic and take iron. I am diabetic & control it with Metformin & Victoza. I take Altace to keep my bllood pressure down because of my diabetes. Hydrochlorothiaze also for BP-Lipitor & fenofibrate for high tryglycerides-Pantoloc for gerd (my father died of esopogeal cancer).

I had a bad fall in 2008 and shattered my rotator cuff-dislocated my shoulder 31 times & had to go to ER. My right arm will never work properly again & I am used to it now. When my arm freezes I stop using it but the pain at times-whoa! This fall really upped the threshold of my fibro.

For the ugly stuff. It was my husbands fault for my fall & he told me I better get up and drive myself to the hospital. This fall wa so serious I was trying to get up and kept slipping on a plywood board my hsband left out in the driveway-all covered in deer slime for his disecting a deer on. After this slip sliding-split scene I blew my hamstring - I was bruised from the top of my right leg down to my knee-hense my balance & numb feet.

He is 68 years and was verbally abusive to me for years & put me down & would dump his dinner or threw things at me called me terrible-terrible things. He hasn't been abusive like that for the past year but I think by then all his abuse I just got turned off. We have seperate bedroome becaus he likes it hot & I like cool-he sweats terribly & I like to be on my computer. He goes to bed at 8:00. I will not sleep with him again so please don't suggest that. When I did have a twinge of sexual desire we would met in his room so we were doing it. Today I have zippo interest. If I go into the kitchen or start a conversation he grabs at my clothes or grabs my crotch or peaks down my top & it just makes me cringe, The big issue is he's always horny & pouts when it's not shaking around here & I just want to be left alone. I lost a lot of feelings & respect for him after my fall & through his abuse. Now I just don't feel love-if he grabs at me I feel dislike and get grossed out & can't even pretend & go through the motion's it makes me feel so yukky. What's a 62 year old chick magnate to do??? I can't believe I am writing this!

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