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The numbers don't always mean anything. I had my FSH, estradiol, etc tested 3 times over the course of about a year and a half. The values swung all about and I was NOT in menopause. My first (and lowest!) FSH was higher than yours, and my estradiol was less than 10, and I was still cycling with some form of a period every once in a while during when I was 49 into 50.

The blood tests are just a snapshot in time and really can only suggest where you're at. I am well into this process and thought I was fully in meno (I'm on very low dose HRT only indicated for bone health) only to have a full-on period at the beginning of this month (I'm 51). So there are often fits and starts throughout perimenopause going into full menopause. I rarely ever get hot flashes and don't have many symptoms (fortunately) compared to other women I've read about. It's so individual.

The headaches you describe sound sinus pressure related. After lying flat all night, it can happen if you are in a stuffy room, have nasal allergies or anything that might stuff up your sinuses.

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