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Sounds like you are just starting perimenopause. I posted on here the '35 symptoms of menopause' and if it is still here, take a look.
Having irregular periods is a major symptom. You can have heavier, lighter, spotting between, missing and very clotty periods. There is no set rule on which of these you will experience. I myself have had them all. I just started again after a 3 1/2 month hyatis and had a very heavy period that I just finished. I now feel like I am ovalating again and I have only stopped a week ago. I have had periods every two weeks for a couple of months and I have had one that lasted 3 weeks.
I am 49 and have been in peri for about 6 years. I have been told I should have a hysterecomy and I didn't because I found that that just isn't an option just to get rid of the bleeding. If I had cancer that would be another story. I do believe that I am closer to stopping now. But you just never know.
One good way to know what you might go through is to ask your mother what she went through.
Take a look at the symptom could help you know what is menopausal. You should also have your thyroid checked. If there is a problem with it, it can mimic menopausal symptoms.
Wishing you well!
I had enough of this menopause thing already. No period for two months. Heaven. Then never ending one for 12 days, only to stop completely and now start up again after two days. Not really heavy, just alot of clots. When will this end???

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