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First some background. My wife is 46 yrs. young, 47 in August. She has always had irregular periods, but they seemed much shorter this last year. I have always been responsible for the birth control(condoms 25 yrs.), since I did'nt want her taking birth control pills, cause I was not sure of their safety. I looked back on my calendar and her periods from last March were 25, 24, 26, 31, 24, 31, 19, 28, 25 and 35 days respectively. But now, she has went 40 days(today) without a period. She did change her diet the last month, has been exercising more and has had more allergy symptoms(very dry this winter). Her mother had her uterus removed, so we don't have an average menopause family history. She took one of the Walmart pregnancy tests yesterday, but it said invalid. Her breasts don't seem to have any abnormal symptoms, no engorgement and she doesn't think she's pregnant. She did'nt have any morning sickness with our first child and never said a cross word to me, so I can't tell. My question is, "would most women know if they are pregnant, say early on, like at 40 days?" I am nervous and stressed, since we are older now and am almost afraid for her to take another pregnancy test. Actually, I have been nervous since we got a cat last year. For the last 5 or 6 months, he jumps up in her lap and she holds him like he was a baby. And we call him Baby Louie. Anyway, any comments or insight would sincerely be appreciated by a dumb man. Thanks very much and God bless all you good women.

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