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I think what I have is hot flashes during my period. See what you think. I suddenly feel hot, then I almost think I'm heading towards passing out. But then it passes quickly. All this happens in 30 -45 seconds. Does that sound like a hot flash? I get them during my period the most, but sometimes in other parts of the month? It's summer, but I'm in air conditioning.
Jo- It very well could be the start of hot flashes. How old are you?
I spent this last Sunday sweating. Everytime I would get up to do anything I would just start sweating. I am 44 and have had symptoms for about 4 years. Some people seem to have hot flashes all the time and others just once in a while. I think my mother-in-law told me she only had 1 hot flash. :blob_fire
I'm 49 and I've had some symptoms for almost 10 years. However, it's like I reached a new plateau in my symptoms this year. I guess I'm getting closer.
I'm 47 and this just happened to me this evening. It lasted about 30 seconds and I'm in the middle of a terribly long and heavy period. I think it's because of all the wild hormone fluctuations. Some months I have a little spotting or nothing and then others I have very bad heavy periods with huge clots and some flashes. The heavy periods really scare me the most but my doctor says not to worry becuase my tests are OK. Sometimes I wonder how I can bleed so heavily and be standing up! LOL! Anyway,this definitely can happen. :)
When I first started having night sweats happened during my periods. I went on the Pill for some years and didnt have any. Then when I went off the Pill I noticed the night sweats came back again.....during my period.....Now I'm 54 and havent had a period for 4 months, but I have the hot flashes and night sweats on and off all the time....So. yes, there does seem to be some connection with the hot flashes and periods.....I always assumed it was the hormone fluctuations.
Hi Everyone!

I have a unique situation, so please bear with me. I am 37, in perimenopause and just had my gallbladder removed five days ago. Yesterday I could tell I was beginning to start my period. I assume this is hormone fluctuation time. Anyway, once yesterday and today, I was lying down and resting. I had a hot flash or so I think. It started in my belly and then rose up to my head and gave a very stong warm, lightheaded feeling for about 30 or so seconds. I felt warm all through my body.

I have had hot flashes before where I actually sweat. I know the surgery issue is there, but I have to believe I could still have hot flashes surgery or not. And with the timing of my period coming I am thinking that is what it is.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!

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