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Dec 12, 2008
:DGood Day Ladies,

I'm hoping that anybody out there can tell me if they actually found bcps helped with hot flushes/hot flashes. Let's start from the beginning I am 46 years old ... about four years ago everything changes I got up one morning and it was like all things just happened. My body would overheat and from my neck up it's like someone put a match to me. My face started breaking out, I would be sound alseep and wake up, wide awake, my heart would beat like crazy like I just did a major workout, I would get heart palpitations, etc. It was absolutely horrible.

I went to my Doctor she sent me for all these tests and then after everything came back fine said that I must be post-menopausal. She gave me a low dose bcp (Cyclen) to help with some of the symptoms and the break outs. I stayed on them til about last October when I had to go off them because I was having surgery. I felt great after being off them thought I would not try not taking them anymore. It was great for about six/seven months and when the warm weather came it started all over again. Hot flashes, breakouts along my jaw liine and chin and my nose of all places. My periods were twice a month, very painful and I was always depressed. So, my Doctor wrote me another prescription for the same pills......I've been on them for about 5 months and albeit they have helped but I still get the hot flushes. The humidity just sends me into a tail spin .... the quick temperature changes kill me and warm rooms do me in. If it's too warm in my bathroom after bathing it's like I'm in a sauna and I try not to have it too warm. I always have the window open some even in the cold weather. They have helped a bit with the breakouts but before my period my body goes nuts again.
I guess my question is does it take a while for the bcps to actually help with this stuff or am I doomed to suffer.
I'm not enjoying this but I do make the best of it and try to deal with it day by day.

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