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I am 51 and haven't had a "real" period since November 17th (before that, they were irregular - every couple of months or so). That period, like several before it, was really heavy for one day, then eased right up, and stopped about 3 days later. November 28th, I started bleeding again out of the blue, but only for about 2 hours and not heavy - more like heavy spotting. Fast forward to January 19th, when I started spotting again for about a week - no real period, not even enough for more than one tampon a day. Feb. 12th - again with the hour or two of light bleeding, then nothing until the 21st. Since then I have had very light spotting every day, but when I say light, it might be a matter of seeing it on the toilet paper, or putting in a tampon (just to be safe) and seeing just a bit of blood.

2 - 3 years ago, I had an ultrasound which showed an enlarged uterus, so I had a biopsy which was negative. At that time, I had gone a couple of months without a period, which my ob/gyn said was probably the reason for the thickened uterine wall.

I guess my question is, is this random spotting/no period pattern normal before menopause? Will I have to keep having biopsies if this continues? Both my mother and sister had hysterectomies in their 40's so I can't look at history.

Thanks for any input. Of course, my mind starts racing, especially since I am away from all of my doctors! :dizzy:

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