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[FONT="Arial"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="Navy"]:wave: Hi menicrazy, welcome to the forum!
[I]You are not alone[/I] in this, as it happens to most of us going through peri. I was 44 when my peri symtoms started, then at age 46 my periods became very irregular. [I]Menses irregularity is normal[/I]. I'd miss one month, spot the next, then periods again. I was regular like yourself too before. Do you have any other symptoms such as hot flashes or night sweats? These started first for myself, telling me what was going on.

Each woman is different as to how peri-meno affects her and what she experiences. But there are some basic symptoms such as mentioned above, plus the irritablity, etc. Personally I've even experienced PMS symptoms without even having the period at all, lol! Craziness, lol. I've learned to laugh about this now, as it IS ongoing for some of us. And fyi, a woman is considered post-meno after [I]not[/I] having a period for 12 consecutive months.
Hope this helps! In this together, ~Karen[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

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