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Nausea anyone?
Aug 10, 2011
I found some really old posts confirming nausea is part of peri but wonder if there's anyone out there now going through this? Would also love to hear from anyone who had it but it got better--need something to look forward to! I have been nauseous for the past 10 months. I've had all kinds of tests and they can't find anything. My family doc says it's not a menopause symptom, but I think it is. It's like morning sickness, but much worse. I usually have some nausea every day, but some days it's just queasiness and chewing gum helps, other days it's so bad I can't function. Have been on oral progesterone but it isn't working or we don't have the right combination yet. Am awaiting results from a new saliva hormone test. I also have trouble sleeping (waking at 3-4 am everyday), restlessness, internal "buzz" and some headaches, but they're nothing compared to the nausea! Sometimes peppermints and peppermint gum help, but only if it's mild.
Re: Nausea anyone?
Aug 10, 2011
I, too, have suffered off and on with nausea for over a year (among many other of the usual symptoms). Am 51 and things really hit me like a brick wall last year. Found Sea Bands to be quite helpful. Also ginger chew candy from Trader Joe's; and drinking peppermint tea have given me relief. Is the worse in the mornings and gets better by the afternoon. It is most frustrating to be told that it couldn't have anything to do with menopause--then why do pregnant women get morning sickness and it's chalked up to hormonal changes??? Hang in there and know that you are not alone with dealing with the many challenges we face going through the peri menopause journey:angel:

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