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For most of my life, my period was a non-issue. When all my friends were home in high school with heating pads on the abdomen for cramps, I was fine. Not until I hit my 40s did my periods become a pain in the butt! And that was just great. Having had the dumb thing for 30+ years NOW it decides to become a problem?

I would have horrible pain with my period. No clots or anything hugely different, just pain on the first and second days. Almost like early labor pain. Then they began hanging around for 9 days with spotting. My gyno just shrugged and said it was hormones and all part of getting older. Yeah, thanks buddy :mad:

So after much reading I decided to try progesterone cream. And it helped. I used to get it at the healthfood store. Now I'm taking a prescription cream from my BHRT doctor as over the counter isn't a high enough dosage. When you hit your 30s and 40s your progesterone begins to decline much more than your estrogen. Then you become estrogen dominant and too much estrogen can cause all kinds of physical things. Maybe read online a bit about estrogen dominance and see if it sounds like what you are experiencing. If so, try some progesterone cream. I would think with endo, you are producing more estrogen than progesterone and are out of balance.

Good luck! Perimeno has been a bear for me these past 6mos! I think I'd take the hysterectomy! Just kidding. I wouldn't but sometimes it's a tempting thought.

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