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I've just read a thread that was called "Tendonitis and severe fatigue during peri and full menopause" . It is totally worth reading. This is my attempt to continue that thread as I have the same symptoms... I was a very fit mountaineer, hit the menopause at 46 years old and started getting frozen shoulder and inflamed tendons all around most of my joints. I'm only 48!! The frozen shoulder mended but the inflamed tendons have not and are getting worse and they are so painful.

I remember being on the birth control pill for a year and that did help. When I came off it, the pain came back. My cousin, who's a doctor, suggested coming off the pill as it's not good to stay on it for long.

I have yet to find a specialist or doctor that understands the link between tendonitus and menopause. There is a nurse who did research on this for her degree finals ... which is mentioned briefly in the previous thread who explained that oestrogen is like WD40 (oil) to the tendons and joints.

Had my bloods done - all results are fine!! Nothing wrong. In previous threads, it says that the inflammation in tendons won't show up on the markers in a blood test. Makes sense. So I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia which was then diagnosed as soft tissue rheumatism. The rheumatoid specialist said he knew nothing about the possibility of soft tissue rheumatism being linked to the menopause as gynaecology wasn't in his field of speciality. He suggested physiotherapy as a treatment. I tried this and it does work for a bit but it doesn't SOLVE the problem as the inflammation keeps turning up all the time, at any time, for no reason. I wish doctors would cross over into other medical fields to study / research how menopause affects things like heart disease, arthritis, fibromlyalgia, tendonitus, dementia and rheumatism.

There are many of us out there with menopausal tendonitus - a condition which doesn't heal quickly and is not from lack of exercise or over exercise. It's a widely misunderstood subject. It does seem to get worse in the winter.

Please write and contribute anything that may help. I tried the HRT gel and that made my heart race. But some women are ok with it. Tried herb menopause relief, maca ... all helped for a bit and then didn't work. Tried homeopathy - no'p. Am about to try Red Clover tincture. If I eat chickpea's and sweet potatoe's that seems to alleviate the symptoms a tad. But am till hobbling in the morning like a crippled kipper. Am thinking of returning back onto the birth control pill. But it's a big question - do i die of possible cancer or arthritic disappointment of not being able to lead good quality of life?

Yoga seems to help and hot showers in the morning... but this only helps ease things. My physiotherapist uses a laser on me which excites the mitochondria to promote healing. I have to say this does seem to help alleviate the inflammation for a few weeks but I have to keep going back there for treatments which is costly.

Am also sure that menopause is linked to lack hydration of the bodies cells and this adds to the connective tissue inflammation, when the body isn't able to take up as much water as it used to. I feel deeply dehydrated most of the time.

So... girlies... specialists... doctors... keep researching. Good luck to us all.

Please let me know.
Thank you :angel:

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