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Hi all,
I am 46 years old and going through peri menopause. It all started when I was 38 years old. I remember the week my body completely changed. I am 8 years in and hoping that this nightmare ends soon. I started with the heavy periods with one episode of flooding( it was so scary, I thought It wasn't going to stop), went to the doctor and had a ultrasound and decided that it was all hormonal. I lived with the heavy cycles for 8 years taking iron and vitamins as I would feel weak and get migraine headaches. Now I am so happy that my periods are down to 1 heavy day a month. However as soon as this started I noticed my body has gone haywire, I must have had a sudden drop in estrogen that sent my body into a state of insanity. I developed extreme mood swings and anxiety so bad I ended up in the hospital as my heart was racing so fast, and I was shaking. I went through a battery of test, heart, urine, blood, a holitar monitor for 48 hours, and I got a clean bill of health except they gave me anti anxiety and anti depressants as well. I took the anxiety meds for a bit but stopped. I have bad days and good ones but the anxiety is still bad. My insomnia is so bad I am up daily at 3am then crash and burn at 2pm...with crashing fatigue. My question is my new symptom is an awful taste in my mouth..bitter like, awful gas burping, and feeling like my tummy is empty all the time which drives me this common for peri?? I bothers me so much I can't seem to eat or want to eat but can't but when I eat I am not full at all...going crazy, do I go back to the doc again or is this peri, just had a full physical in June. Thanks

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