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So I live in Thailand which is quite humid and hot and about 6 weeks ago I had a badish case of ringworm (tinea corporis). I first saw it only one side of my inner thigh, so I guess it could be called "jock itch." Then slow I realized I had little bits of the same problem on different parts of my legs and even near my collarbone. It wouldn't look super terrible just like a redish circle with flakey skin. It was a little painful on my thigh as it would rub often. Then I realized I might have the same thing at the base of my penis but didn't think it was really tinea corporis just maybe some randomly likely shiny spot. After a while it didn't go away so I started using the same cream as I did on the rest of my body, which was effective but very very very slowly. That cream is called "Isogen," which I got from a doctor. Now most the tinea corporis is gone a little spot here and there but fading.

My main problem now is that if I get erect the skin on my penis is a little painful. Then if I masturbate it really gets painful after and even a little puffy near the head of the penis for a small amount of time (it's always gone the next morning). It's super annoying because I've been avoiding sex and trying to avoid masturbation because of the pain it causes... I don't think it's an STD as I haven't had sex in a while and when I did it was with a committed partner with a condom.

Any ideas what it is or how to solve it? I heard maybe coconut oil?


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