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Re: Foreskin issue
Feb 20, 2016
The foreskin covering the head of an erect penis is not necessarily a problem. It can be effective both erotically and in comfort. For some to peel back the foreskin and reveal the head instills a sexual pleasure. It is like uncovering a hidden treasure. In intercourse the covered head can sometimes provide a more gentle entry. The size of the opening in the foreskin and the diameter of the head can have an effect on how easy or difficult it is to retract the skin. It is good that you can pull it back by hand but, you didn’t say if doing so was painful or required a lot of effort. If painful, then I would recommend consulting with a doctor. If you think it requires too much effort then you could ask other teens to compare. Waiting for adulthood implies hope for your penis to grow longer. That hope seems to be normal. I don’t know your length but, if it were to grow by the length of your head, then the foreskin might retract to or past the rim. That amount of growth also depends on how much skin you currently have out in front of the head when you are erect.
As to circumcision I would hope you do not have to go that route. Some have good results, I did not. Foreskin serves a special purpose. I hope yours will serve you well throughout your life.

Regarding the doctor visit, I might have an idea how you feel. I too, had difficulty taking mine to a doctor when I was young. That can have to do with childhood rearing, family, friends, practices in the home and those in public. I am much older than you and long ago abandoned my fears. I can easily, show mine to and be examined by anyone. I have had male and female doctors. When my penis is exposed during an exam it will often, get hard. This can happen even if the penis is not the subject of the exam. Only once did a doctor complain and that doctor was male. Currently have female doctor. Two lighter color areas recently appeared on the skin of my penis. I went to doctor. She had me lay on examination bench and after we got pants out of the way looked at my soft penis. Then began physical exam and with the handling and stretching of penis and bag and the rolling of the testicles, I got hard. When finished doctor said everything checked out OK but, did refer me to a dermatologist for the skin coloration problem. When I was with the good looking female dermatologist she wanted me to put down my pants so she could examine my penis. I warned her I don’t have much control over what it does. When my penis is out for her to see and feel it could easily get hard. She said I should not be embarrassed. Often her adult patients get hard during an exam and it really happens a lot with her teenage patients.

So, if it turns out you do need to go to doctor, go. Over time you will become comfortable. It could be advantageous for you to explain your apprehension early in your first visit to the doctor.

As for dealing with your parents on penis or sexual problems and questions, that can be easy in some families and difficult in others. Do you favor one more than the other? Maybe that’s who to talk to. Maybe is better to get with both and ask your question. They raised you so they must care about you. It is like school work, or learning to drive a car. If you want their help, you need to ask for it.

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