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So I see that everybody is trying to cure this crazy illness called red scrotum syndrome. Well I have been dealing with this for over a year and I just now have found the right doctor who has done case studies on this. Has over 20 patients who have had this issue as well.
How it began I had sex with my girlfriend and she initially had BV I freaked out as I started to burn a little after we finished so I and her both went and got tested for stds. All stds came back negative but the rash had begun on my scrotum and it would be really red and irritated especially in the creases. So what did I do but use steroid creams on that area. BIG MISTAKE!!! I used bethamosine which is the strongest steroid u can use and it did nothing but burn the top layer skin off my scrotum causing crazy heat sensations it was so bad I would literally feel like my scrotum was in a furnace when ever I put pants on I stopped wearing jeans all together because of this let alone trying to work out. I found that sitting down was the worst it felt like pen and needles all time and was literally destroying my life.
Now to get to the main part how to cure it as I know that's what most people want to know. I have read post about this but nobody seems to come back and share if they ever got heald so let me save the newbies some time. First get tested do not put any cream on your scrotum if it is just red and irriated. Jock itch comes with leisons and usally is on the inner thighs herpes has blisters if your skin is not open or having wounds then do not put anything steroid cream on it unitl you have been tested and results come back positive. If you do this first step you will avoid RSS all together but you must give the nerves time to heal. So secondly people ask this must be some sort of sTD as I got it right after sex well guess what you're right sex caused it but it is not a sTD it is a nerve ending sensation that is caused by over exertion in the scrotum. As my derm says girls get this more then guys due to the friction and pounding during sex thank about men what are your nuts doing when you have sex they are literally punching the backside of a womens vagian or *** causing irriation. THIS IS A NERVE PROBLEM I CANNOT STATE THIS ENOUGH IT IS NERVE RELATED.
Now to get you treated it will take patients and a good derm to get you the right medicine. If you look at a lot of the post most are saying the doc prescribed them a mild anti depressant this is key. The main ones must be in the triycilic family. The best one being AMITRIPLYINE AT 5OMG. Most are saying well im not depressed well neither was I and this medicine is not used to treat depression at a low dose but is used to treat nerve damage it calms the nerves and also provides a mild anti inflammatory. Second get the doc to prescribe you Tetrol it helps with blood circulation to all the extremities so that you get better blood flow in the area helping the scrotum to not be so inflamed. You must then get a mild soap, vanicream, cerave etc. To use during this time nothing harsh goes on the scrotum make sure you dry completely and for me what worked was polyester fitted boxer briefs to hold my boys in place and stop them from banging around when I walk which helped the nerves to not be so inflamed. Guys im telling you I am not cured yet it has only been two weeks but I already have no more burning sensation then skin is still healing from using god knows what on it in the past year but it will be better. My derm advised the color may never go back but if you do not have any discomfort whats the worry unless you are trying to model your scrotum are something. I will keep updates on my progess but look it up. Also doxycycline does work as well but that is for people who have used steroid cream longer then a month I used it for maybe a week and half causing these symptoms. I will keep posting but like I said it has only been a week and half and I already have less symptoms I can sit just fine and I can wear jeans again.

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