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Ok now I have gone to the Dermatologist and he says that its not a fungus. He says I have a condition called Intertrigo and Seborric Dermatitis. I am 29 years old and have never had itching in my crotch, and now I have been plagued for almost a year now with this awful problem. The symtoms seem to abe minimal now that it is winter but I still itch daily and get a raised texture ion my balls which turns red and itches. The doc looked at my skin scraping under a microscope and said I didnt have a fungus. My symptoms were minimal when he did the test and I had just applied OTC cream before visiting the office. I don't have insurance I can't afford to keep going to the doctor. He prescribe come dermatitus lotion called Elidel and said to keep the area dry. I havent sweat much lately and I still get the itch, Could this be misdiagnosed? Would I have got intertrigo all of a sudden which a condition and not a parasite???? One more question? Can you get rid of intertrigo?

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