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My first son was circumsised... (Because daddy is). I wish we wouldn't have, but we did. My second son is not. Do I do anything to it. I read on the mens board some of the teens having problem with the foreskin not retracting like it should... Do I start pulling it back at a certain age? Do you think that either of my kids will think they are "different" My oldest is 3 and my youngest is 5 months. Should I go ahead and have my second circumsised? Just asking, please no attacks. I make all my decisions to try to be the BEST for my kids.
[QUOTE=davephillyj]Well I'm scared that my first son may resent the fact he's cut and brother ain't...any suggestions for when that come up[/QUOTE]

In what country do you live? Am I right in thinking that American doctors essentially just circumsise as a matter of routine (Something like an 80% circumsision rate?)?

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