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[QUOTE=GeoffB]Alcohol?!!! That's a ridiclous suggestion on such delicate tissue and even soap often upsets the balance and makes any smell worse. Rinsing with plain water is usually enough. A doctor in the US is likely to suggest circumcision as a first option. Are you sure you are not just being paranoid? Women collect smegma in the folds of their genitalia and can smell much the same as intact men. Men are told to appreciate the smell of women but in a circumcised world women have become unused to any normal odour from a man. Using strong soaps may have upset his natural flora and changed his smell. He may need to try a few creams to kill off yeast, fungal or bacterial infections caused by that imbalance. Then he can try using plain water.
Your yeast infections may have nothing to do with his intact state. I'm circumcised and we had a lot of trouble when starting our sexual relationship with such infections. It sometimes takes quite a few months for you to get used to each other's flora. Eventually things settle down but it is not a lot of fun until that happens. He should wear condoms for a while and both of you should then be treated with an anti-yeast cream until you are clear. Then try sex without the condoms again.
Cervical cancer has nothing to do with foreskins. That supposed link was disproved years ago. It is caused by human papiloma virus and your likelihood of catching that virus is increased by the number of sexual partners you have had. I doubt if the clue cells are from his penis.

Geoff, I am sorry but I have to disagree. Alcohol is an antiseptic that is good for cleaning the skin... They use it to prep both adults and babies skin in the hospitals before procedures all of the time... There is nothing wrong with using anti-bacterial soap as long as you get it washed off...

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