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[QUOTE=jennybobenny][FONT=Comic Sans MS] [SIZE=2]Hi there, I have been reading this thread and I am the mother of a toddler that will be 2 in July. He is uncircumsized and I am wondering how I make sure he doesn't end up like a couple of the young men here that were uninformed about how to care for their penis. When the baby was born I thought maybe I was supposed to do something in particular to clean it, but the midwife said that the penis is not retractable immediately, not until the child is about 2 years old and in some cases as late as 4 years old. Can someone tell me how I will know when it is retractable and what I do to clean it? I don't want to hurt him, but I certainly want to make sure as he is growing up he learns to clean it himself and refuse to make the same mistake some of your parents made. Also just out of curiosity, do any of you wish you were circumsized as a baby and will you have or have you had your sons circumsized? Do you know many of your friends and family members who aren't? I mean, it's not exactly something you discuss at the dinner table, but I thought maybe guys talk about that sort of thing. Thanks for your help!!! undefined [/FONT] [/SIZE][/QUOTE]
Personally, I think circumcision would make things a lot easier but as I've heard, as far as hygiene goes they're both more or less the same. Circumsised is just easier apparently. I'm glad you're going to be a smart person, unlike my parents and teach your child these methods. As far as I know, circumsision is becoming a bit more common because people feel its cleaner, easier, and no need to teach their child all this information on their area. Finally, if I were to have kids, I would definitely get them circumsised because I probably won't have this washing stuff down even by then :-/

Oh and I have a question on the stretching the skin deal; you say make circles inside the foreskin, which if I'm getting that right, freaks the living crap out of me. I have, however, been able to stretch my foreskin on the outside when it's flaccid and it seems to help, would this be ok? Also I've noticed at a certain point when I pull the skin back (which goes 3/4 the way now), it begins to roll back. I have a feeling this means my foreskin needs to stretch out a bit more, correct? And finally, is it necessary that we touch the head? Everytime I try to get to it, I freak out and back out of doing it. However, I've been able to get warm water to run down whatever I've revealed of the head and it does wash away things a bit, but I have a feeling this isn't good enough and that nasty smell is still there, and I know I really need to get to that flap behind the head.

One thing that's really strange is that the head of my penis seems to have this new, thin layer slowly covering it. I want to know if this is that dead skin stuff spreading more or possibly a sign that the head is getting tougher and putting up a layer to help me touch the head without that pain or something.

By the way, thank you people so much for answering all my obnoxious posts. I know you must be rolling your eyes behind those monitors, but it really means so much. Thank you.

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