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i've noticed clear or yellowish jelly-like pieces in my sperm. does anybody know what this is, or if it's in need of attention?
Sounds normal to me. The semen is not just clear liquid but contains thick globs or yellowish and whitish material. The longer it is between ejaculations the thicker the semen will be. If you ejaculate often, then the semen will be more watery. You are perfectly normal, it sounds to me.
I too have had semen like you describe. The jelly bits never did liquify - checked 'em out once. Beats me why it happens like this, but eh, it's probably just a variation of the regular stuff.
That yellowish and jelly-like, clumpy substance in your ejaculations is actually the sperm. The whitish/creamy colored substance is simply the other ejaculatory fluids. Depends on how many ejaculations during a certain time period as to how much of each is available. So, your ejaculation sounds totally fine, nothing to worry about at all.
Sounds Normal To Me!! I Believe The Longer It's Been Between Ejaculations,the Thicker,clumpier The Semen Is.kind Of Like Old Mucous Vs. New Mucous In Your Nose. One Day If You Were To Repeatedly Ejaculate Until Dry,then Ejaculate The Next Day,i Bet The Fluid Would Be Thin & Smooth...

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