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Bump on Penis
Dec 26, 2004
I noticed the other day that I had a bump on the lower part of my penis's shaft. This bump does not itch, hurt when its touched, the color of it is the normal as the rest of my skin, there is no open blister or anything like that and it does not burn when I go to the restroom.

I have recently broken out with zits (I'm 23 years old) but I think that had to do with stress that I was under in my final exams week that took place not even two weeks ago. I'm thinking that this bump is a zit but not totally sure. Usually the zits I have will hurt or develop a head, something in which this hasn't done, well, at least not yet, I've had it for a couple days. So could it just be a zit that will develop as time goes by (like one of those big zits and it just so happened to develop on my penis, I have had one or two of them in my day develop like that but not on my penis). Also, a day or two after I noticed I had this, I sat in a buddys hot tub for awhile with the temp at about 104, so could this have done something (I read about hot tubs or warm bath's doing something before).

Anyways, I'm just real worried about this and not quite sure what to do. Like I said earlier, I don't have no signs of an STI or anything like that, so I don't think its that but ya never know. If it is something like a blocked folical, will that just grow itself out with regular washing or will I have to dig in with a needle and tweasers? I have been putting peroxide on it and it is not infected.

Thanks a lot for your time!

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