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I have a rash or somthing where my leg meets my hip, you know where im talking about. I believe its jock-itch , because sadly to say i havent been with a girl in a whiiiile. See i make music and a while ago i got real determined with it and put aside everything including girls. so i dont think its an std or anything.

But how do i get rid of this? what medicine\cream ?? i havent tried a cream yet because i didnt know what to get. so what do i get?

this is REALLY annoying , like ill hold off itching it than after a while you just get pissed and you itch it anyway to make the itch feel better, and im sick of it. I couldve been with 2 girls tonight but , what happened ?, i said i couldnt and made up a reason, but really i didnt want no girls seeing this on my leg. and im kind of mad right now lol. I want this gone , somebody please help me! lol.

please any info\help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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