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Re: Jock Itch?
Mar 22, 2005
[QUOTE=Aimee82]I just recently noticed that my boyfriend has what felt like rough patches on his groin area, and he said not to worry about it (this was the first time i've noticed it) but he said it was jock itch and that he has had a problem with it for many years, and that there was nothing that really helped it, and he's 24 now so i dont' know if it's a big deal or not, but i was just wondering if there was anyway to get rid or it, or if it's like a virus that can spread onto me. I guess it only comes every once and a while? but i don't know much about it, but i was just wondering what it is exactly and if it could spread, any answers would be helpful, thanks. :confused:[/QUOTE]

Aight i had jock itch , it was a patch of little bumps on my inner thigh near my groin area , actually i had 2 - one on each leg , i had it for like 2 months cuz i didnt know what the F to do lol , i came on here and posted about it , and they told me to get some kind of cream for it , i forget what kind they said but , i went to eckerd and got Tinactin - it says on the tube "cures most jock itch" , i used it for about a week and it faded out , and i used it for another week to make sure it didnt come back and it didnt , and hasnt yet.

My advice is to get Tinactin for him , get him 2 tubes of it because the tubes are small and i needed to buy a 2nd one too. but make sure when he gets a shower he scrubs it REAL good with a soaped up cloth , tell him to scrub til it feels like its gonna catch fire lol and rinse real thorough, than when he gets out to dry it real good , use the tinactin on it and than to keep it dry use gold bonds medicated powder. tell him no briefs. he gotta wear boxers. if it dont go away by 2 or latest 3 weeks. get to a doctor wit him to make sure it isnt somthin else.

Oh i 'think' it can spread by touch. im not sure but i wouldnt touch him til its gone. and if you get it than do what i just told you.

Good Luck , come back and let us know what happens.

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