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Can anyone help?
Nov 13, 2005
Hi, I am 22 years old and for about a year now there has been a change in my semen. When I used to ejaculate my semen would be pretty much all milky white and would be smooth all the way through. Now, whenever I ejaculate there are little clumps in the semen....I know it sounds weird...they are almost like tapioca. They are clearish yellow and are jelly like...sometimes there is a lot, and sometimes there is hardly any...I am worried because I dont know what they are. I heard that this could just be the actual semen in the ejaculate because sometimes the semen is of a more thick this true? I have not had unprotected sex, so I dont see how it could be an std, but I am still worried. Does anyone have any ideas? I would really appreciate the help. Thanks!

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