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ok I have a few questions and they are all to do with my genitals. I have been to a GP about all of this but he took one look at me and said everything fine and ushered me out like I was wasting his time. which I might of been but it still doesnt stop the fact these are seriously bothering me and ofcourse bothering my girlfriend of 3 years who is begining to really want sex and ofcourse so do I. basically its becoming a real large problem

Firstly, I've read plenty of stuff online about tight foreskins and phimosis and I'm largly confused. I am able to easily roll my foreskin back to wash and everything is fine when flacid, lots of skin and the foreskin covers the glans (head, whatever you want to call it) and extra skin past that. being no expert I'd say thats fine, just trying to say everything incase the info is needed. Problem comes when my penis is erect. Now before my foreskin use to totally cover the head of my penis but though stretching it goes back to show a bit of it without holding my errect penis and can be pulled back to show most of the head without much trouble but it goes back over the head if itis let go. Now I dont know if this is normal, I suspect nothings wrong but too much skin? if that could be a problem. Going back to the tight foreskin when errect thing, this could also be why the foreskin goes back over the head when errect, I cant tell, see I'm confused. If I pull my foreskin back sometimes I can get it behind the head and a bit further down (generally when I'm not too hard and my head is still soft) but when I do theres a ring of tight skin and it... well it makes my penis look deformed since the ring also only pinches in at one side. Not that it matters since its hard to pull my skin that far back and it goes straight back onto the head (showing a little of the head, like said before, again becacse the skin is tight at the ring or because of too much skin I dont know. I do know when I pull the skin back to see the ring I get skin all bunched up and wrinkled like coragated carboard lol at the botom and by the top of the penis (before the head) which makes me think way too much skin. Also when pulled back the string like part at the bottom of the head (sorry forgotern name, frenulum? could be very wrong with name)
that is tight but at the top of the head there is still skin bunched up wrinkled, like I have too much skin, or could it be a problem with the other thing?

I'm sorry this is a whole lot of stuff that you might probably think irrelivant but I just dont know if anythings wrong or not. I went to a gp and started to explain, got asked to show my penis (which was ofcourse flaccid) and he saw and said everything fine even though I said the problem is when I'm errect. so it is ok to have a foreskin mostly over the head that wont really go behind the head without considerable force when errect? I'll be honest, I've not seen many penis's in my time esspecially not errect so I'm just innocent on the matter and reading many sites still hasnt help clarify things. I've read about circumsision and stretching of the foreskin but I dont know if stretching would help since lots of skin. again I'm confused what to think. So while I have read the stretching foreskin sticky, it just doesnt answer my questions so I'm here wondering if anyone could shed any light on whats normal and whats not.

Sorry this is a long post. Anyway onto the next thing that worries me.
Basically as I understand it, semen is meant to look like a white substance that is rather like gel but turns to more a liquid once ejaculated after a bit of time. Please correct me if I'm wrong. When I ejaculate it doesnt really come out like that, mostly transparent liquid, much like water but a marginally more gel like I guess but can be very much like water with a little bit of white issolated, a bit cloudy and there never much of that. I've not had sexual contact, I dont believe it can be a sti but an infection or something? again no idea, for all I know that could be fine and acceptable but I dont know so any help is appreciated :confused:

also on my head of the penis (I'm also very paranoid about things if you hadnt noticed) there is what I would describe as little white spots clustered around the rim and only there (on the rim of the head above where smegma would be). they are only like 1mm across each and not large at all. They dont itch or irritate, they are not cauliflour wart like, and are only in a line around this rim. I dont think anything is wrong with these, they are small and I cant help feeling this is something natural but ofcourse I could be wrong and it is a problem. I dont want to be passing anything on in the future so does it sound wrong?

Lastly on the top of the head of my penis (top being looking down with the penis held out horizontal I can see top) it is slightly red but interestingly little lines that shallow in and jagged arround are also there and only there. I have no idea what it is, again no itching, and only noticable if you look hard, feel or when errect easier to see. they dont stretch out flat but rather keet their shape quite well. I wonder if its because under my foreskin it can be damp quite often, even when I conciously dry it often so would that in a way I guess wrinkle the top only? Because they dont lose shape when stretched I was wondering if they were scars?

The reason I'm asking this in so much detail is because I did feel like I was wasting his time after his reaction, so if you say I might not be I'll be going back but seeing another GP. Thankyou if you bothered to read it.

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