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Groin itching/rash
Jan 7, 2006
Hi all, have a question for you...

I have had a rash for 3 weeks or so in my groin, about 1 inch or so long on both sides of my scrotum where it meets my legs. The color is much more pale than the rest of my body -- and it itches. Sometimes I notice that there is some white-ish buildup down there. Not a lot, but it is noticable.

This area is very itchy, espicially when I rub against it in the first place (cleaning, drying it).

I have been using lotramin ultra (jock itch cream) for 2 days but can't really tell a difference yet or not. I'll give it some more time.

So would you say this is jock itch? I never saw pictures of jock itch with the pale skin areas that I have. This condition has come and gone now for maybe a year now that I think back about it but these three weeks are certainly the longest its stuck around so far.

Part of me thinks it could be herpes, is this a possibility? I have had unprotected sex -- not a lot but as you know it only takes once.


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