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Hey guys

So I've been reading up here and I've realised I do have a tight foreskin. Thankyou mum and dad for not telling me about the whole pull-back-when-peeing etc procedure.

Thankfully I don't think it's too serious because it is very easy to pull the foreskin all the way back when soft. I guess that's cos I clean regularly to get rid of smegma and stuff. I'm starting to pull back when peeing too. I don't particularly like it because the head is sensitive, but it's easy to do, and very easy to pull back so it covers the head (although it doesn't go back on it's own). So no issues there really

The problem is when it's erect. It doesn't naturally uncover the glans. I have to pull it back myself, or allow the tips of the vagina to pull it back for me if that makes sense. It's very uncomfortable and as a result I don't enjoy oral sex.

It also becomes stuck naturally - it won't glide along the glans, covering and uncovering. It becomes stuck... Thankfully I can usually pull it back to cover the glans...but it needs my assistance. But I fear this is a form of Paraphimosis.

I have always masturbated with the foreskin covering the glans. I have tried with it uncovered and I do not enjoy it. I don't like touching the head and just rubbing the shaft doesn't do much. That's kind of a problem during intercourse because my penis gets less stumulated.

When you pull the foreskin when erect should it cover completely the whole shaft? I can pull it all the way back (in the bath) but can't really masturbate this way, and it doesn't cover ALL of my penis, but a fair bit of it.

How serious is this? I'm 21 but because I don't really talk about my sex life or penis with other guys I've not really given it much attention. Sorry this isn't particularly well written but it's hard to articulate? Will stretching be enough or will I have to circumsize?

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