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I think 3 or 4 weeks off T-cypionate should get it all out of your system. In any event whether or not its out of your system your T of 166 is very low and I would expect to see LH and FSH higher than they are. It is possible to shut down the hypothalmus/pituitary also and it's possible that has what happened which may be why your doc wants to wait longer.

I would suggest doing the clomid test. This invovles taking clomid for 1 - 4 weeks daily and then test LH, FSH, and T again. See if that gives your LH a boost. If it does you can try going off the clomid and see if your HPTA (hypothalmus/pituitary axis) is working again by testing everything again in a week or two. If LH and T are back down then you probably have secondary hypogonadism. If clomid does not help you still have secondary. The only use of the clomid test is to see if you can use clomid as a resolution.

You should also be checking estradiol and total estrogen. If they are high they can cause your LH and T to be low also.

It is very possible for the MRI to miss an adenoma. Most likely though you fall into the category most people with hypogonadism do.....secondary with no known cause.

A couple other simple things that can cause hypogonadism are low vit D and hypothyroidism. Make sure you test for both of those.

Finally I would check for hemochromatosis by checking blood iron, ferritin, TIBC, and saturation %. Hemochromatosis can also lead to secondary and if you have it you need to know it so you can treat it.

Unless you find you have hypothyroidism or low Vit. D and you can resolve it that way you are probably going to have to have some treatment for life. I don't know your age but I would suggest HCG. HCG is almost identical to LH and will keep your testicles working. That will keep them from shrinking and keep you fertile if that is a concern. If the HCG does not get your T high enough you can take HCG and T-cyp shots. I do the T-cyp once a week and 400 iu of HCG the 4 days before the T-cyp shot. With HCG be sure not to exceed 500 iu in any one day for long term use. You can take too much and your testicles can become desensitized to it. Also, unknown to many docs you can take it subQ with an insulin syringe and it works fine and is easier to self administer. ALso, be testing estradiol while on any of these therapies. You need to keep it below 35 and preferrably between 20 and 30 pg/mL.

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