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You sound like a guy who wants to get circumcised.
While there is nothing wrong with that, and it is the kind of choice that adults should be free to make, why would you post seeking advice, if you just wanted to get circumcised?
Regardless of whether or not your father had phimosis, and picked circumcision as his answer, that does not mean that circumcision is the right answer for you. Medicine has advanced, and the internet provides us with alternatives which were not available to him.
If you want to keep your foreskin, be diligent about the stretching. It is, after all, at least 50% of the skin on your penis, and contains some of the most sensual parts of the human body, like the inner foreskin, and frenulum.
These are often removed in circumcision.
If regular stretching, following the instructions fails, there is betamethasone cream. If both together fail, a dorsal slit can work fine. If all three fail, then circumcision might be the most advisable route.

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