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Jock Itch?
Feb 5, 2007
Hi everyone. I'm afraid I need assistance with a problem I've been having.

I noticed on last Friday that there was a small red-like patch of skin with tiny bumps below my navel in my pubic hair region and is itchy.

I've had jock itch many, many years ago and it was nothing like this. Still ... I wonder if this is a different form or something.

After a few days I noticed the irritation go down a bit but it's not completely gone and is still somewhat itchy.

I decided to be proactive about it and apply some anti-fungal cream.

I should also note that I have a slight nail fungus infection but never had any other skin like fungal issue in the years that I had this infection. I know I should get rid of it but I'm concerned about Lamisil but that's another post.

Does this sound like an irritation from something? Maybe I was just a little sweaty? How will I know that this infection, or whatever it is, isnít dormant?

Thanks, I hope that made sense.

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