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This has been going on for some time and during that entire time i have become more and more concerned. Though it started some years ago i allowed it to go unchecked for a year (i blame my macho teenage mind). Either way, after a little more than a year i finally got it checked when it progressed to intense pain and blood during urination.

First a few stats. 22 year old male, Caucasian, not sexually active, no prior surgeries and no previous injuries.

Symptoms came on suddenly and without warning, without build up or gradual increase.

Diagnosed with a UTI/bladder infection (i forget off the top of my head) i received antibiotics and it cleared up (though i have had one or two more over the years). However, the associated testicular pain never completely left, though it did decrease in severity. Despite a better effect (less pain) it never completely left me. A year or so later i had an ultrasound done on both testicles and bladder which turned up no problems - besides a few cysts, which i was promised were no serious concern.

The ultrasound was, from memory, almost four years ago and the pain has still not entirely left. It can vary in severity but is almost always uniform, is there when i wake up and still there when i sleep, it can be painful enough to disrupt my day-to-day life, and has already limited my activities by making me feel unwell and in constant pain.

The pain seems to be focused on the testicles themselves, though the pain itself seemed to instead come from the 'tubes' that connect to them. Where these 'tubes' connect to the 'ball' is a knot or tangle, it seems, which is painful and very sore when manipulated. While this is true for both sides, the right is worse (though i worry now because the left seems to be hurting more than usual). On the right, the pain radiates from this point, up the tube - which i can follow into the pelvic area both by touch and following the pain. The 'tube' that continues up besie the penis is also painful, harder and larger than the one on the left (which is often quite hard to find, small and not painful, though that has changed slightly in the last few days). The pain also radiates to my right upper thigh, very low abdomen and right abdomen/stomach area. Its not uncommon for the pain also to center between the testicles and the anus. I have also had prostate pain (a dull, persistent/throbbing ache and what might be some discharge).

In the last months i also returned to my GP with pain in the left-hand shaft of my penis, close to the head. I was initially worried due to its position due to a vein in the same sport, but was informed there was nothing particular in the area that i should worry about and the pain might simply be referred pain from somewhere else. After a course of antibiotics the pain reduced, but never entirely left (though it is not to the degree of the testicular pain, more of a 2-3 compared to the 6-7 of the testicular pain).

I also seem to get stomach aches and cramps - though possibly connected to the abdominal pain from the testicles, which is possibly just radiating pain in the first place) and occasional loose, off-colour (dark or even green) stools.

over the last few days i have been paying close attention to symptoms as i want to get a good idea of what i should report to my GP or any other doctor i visit if this continues to progress. Though i do not anticipate it clearing up on its own, and no antibiotics have cleared it up so any thought of spontaneous disappearance is non-existent (and i think if it did i would rush to the doctor anyway, as it would be quite worrying for me anyway). However, i do believe my best hope is, or was, for it to remain the same and for it to be something i will simply have to worry about and deal with for.. well.. a long time. However, for things to change, or get worse, i must consider another return to the doctor, as this has been going on several years and a change is not a good feeling.

I am also considering a second opinion from another doctor or perhaps finding a specialist, as my GP has yet to find a cause or a cure that i know of and i am finding i have gotten to the point where i desperately need some sort of answer.

Any suggestions of cause, a fix, or words of wisdom are greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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