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White Bump On Penis
Mar 19, 2007
Hello thanks for taking the time to read this rather embarrassing concern I have. Recently, well actually about a month ago maybe more I noticed a small white bump on my penis, its right between the top, and side of the shaft, halfway down towards the left. It looks like it would be an in-grown hair, but its not, I've examined it. It looks like a small bee sting, about the size of a pimple you'd find on your face, and its just white. I have no idea what it is, it doesn't hurt, but I am quite concerned about it. Sometimes I'll have shots of pain that'll shoot up the bottom of the shaft and leave the head of my penis in quite a bit of pain, near the urethra.

Age: 15 Years Old
Weight: 115 lbs
Height: 5 Feet 4 Inches

Please help me out here, I don't think I'll ever be able to talk to anyone about this. I live with my mom, so she'd be the only one I could tell, and believe me, thats not gonna happen!

I'm just going to add a few things to the bottom here that may or may not be related to my problem, but still probably worth posting.

Recently, a few weeks ago while masturbating, I reached an orgasm but I didn't ejaculate anything at all, this has never happened, then it happed a day or 2 later!

About a month or 2 ago while masturbating, I suddenly had extreme, severe pain in both of my testicals, and I had to stop before reaching an orgasm. An icepack wore the soreness down. Also, my right testical sits a little ways above the left. It's not that far in difference, but noticeable.

Usually after masturbation, if I loose my erection, then get one again anywhere from an hour or 2 afterwards I get extreme pain in my entire shaft of the penis, it feels like tightness, like the skin is going to tear open, 99% of the pain comes from the base, on the under side.

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