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Wow, I feel for you. Living as long as you have with Phimosis must have not been very much fun. The first thing you have to do is see a urologist. Phimosis is a very serious condition and other than the obvious hygiene issues with not being able to retract and clean out under the foreskin, men who have phimosis are more at risk for penis cancer and other diseases.

It sounds like you do have maybe a mild case of balanitis. Even though I would think it wouldn't go away so easy if it were an infection. It could be just a buildup of gunk under the foreskin that is causing problems.

So please seea urologist and get his opinion. Even if he recommends circumcision it has to be better than what you are experiencing now. I am circumcised and I can assure you eveything functions very, very well. Most men who are circumcised as adults are very satisifed with the operation.

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