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Assuming that you're not/nor have had unprotected sex, and have an std.
It could be from something you're using perhaps?
Have you changed the laundry detergent you're using to wash the clothes in? How about lotion or a bath oil? Bubble bath in water? If your answer is negative/no to these questions, well you could simply have a case of jock itch, or a yeast infection.
A while back I got a bad itch which turned into a rash between my bottom, that would not go away regardless of what kind of medication I used over the counter, so when I went in for my yearly physical I talked to my doctor about it.
Well, he told me that it was a yeast infection, and told me to pick up some oitment/cream from the pharmacist for it. After using the cream for a few days, the rash/itch started clearing up, and it's now gone away.
This could be what you have! If you can, go to your local drug store /pharmcy and pick up some cream/ointment for jock-itch. If that doesn't work, try some yeast-infection cream which will probably be in the section with your spermacides/condoms/feminin vaginal items..

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